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Pedagogical Presentation

Chris gave a talk to CAFE (Career Advancement for FASS Educators) onĀ 28 June 2021:

“Podcasting as a Teaching and Learning Tool”

Abstract: Podcasts are no longer just for hipsters and politicians. In this presentation I explain how to bring podcasts into the classroom, both as a unique source of course content and, more importantly, as an assessment tool that encourages creativity, collaboration, and an avenue to apply knowledge beyond the academic essay.

Dr Priya Jaradi chaired the session, which was attended by over 20 faculty members. Based on the questions and feedback, we created a separate heading and uploaded the many teaching materials (syllabus, assignment, rubric, etc.) related to the original podcast assignment that inspired Home on the Dot. The hope is that other educators might also recognize the value of podcasting. Find the materials here.

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