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Pilot Episode

Home. A common word with just one syllable. And yet a word teeming with subjectivity, so personal and abstract that it eludes universal definition. Chris, the narrator and editor of this project, is an American teaching Japanese Studies in Singapore. He speaks about his own attempts to understand his students’ lives in order to inform his teaching – beginning with what home means to them.


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President Barack Obama: Singapore as a little red dot [Link]

Inspirations for this podcast:

Life101 podcast by Michael Wesch (Kansas State University): Wesch draws inspiration from his students in order to better understand their university experience, become a better teacher, and learn something about himself along the way.

Revisionist History podcast. Malcolm Gladwell dives deep into critical events in world history, using recent findings in social scientific and humanities research as a lens to view these events in a new light. Favorite episodes: The Lady VanishesThe Prime Minister and the Prof, and The Big Man Can’t Shoot.

99% Invisible podcast focused on design. Many episodes relevant to Home on the Dot listeners, including Immobile HomesFordlandia and Blood, Sweat and Tears.

And, of course, the irreplaceable This American Life. One of my favorite episodes is still Moving.



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