Alluvial fan in the formate of debris-ice (present-day paraglacial response)
Large-scale permafrost thaw slumps in the Fenghuoshan region on the Tibetan Plateau (34. 71N, 92.90E) (Photo by Chunlin Song)
High melt flow and sediment concentrations from the Dongkemadi Glacier (photo by Shaoyong Wang).
Ice avalanche and landslide into moraine-dammed glacial lakes may trigger displacement waves and GLOFs in the future (The Bienong Tsho, Jiali county, Tibet)
Bank erosion in Buqu River, central Tibetan Plateau
Diminishing valley glacier in Ranwu, southeastern Tibet
Thermal subsidence in the headwater of the Yangzte River
Thermal bank erosion in the headwater of Yangtze

Proglacial area in the headwater of the Yangtze River

Braided river
Braided channel of the Buqu river, originating from the Jiangendiru Glacier
Surveying river channel of the headwater of the Mekong using UAV and RTK