Dongfeng gave a talk in the ‘Landscapes Live Online Webinar Series’

Dongfeng gave a talk entitled ‘Modern climate change-driven landscape processes in cryospheric basins’, at the EGU Landscapes Live Online Webinar Series. The recorded video is available (here).

Cryospheric basins are now experiencing amplified climate change, glacier melt, and permafrost thaw. The accelerating glacier retreat and permafrost degradation are associated with frequent hazards including glacier collapses, rockfalls, landslides, debris flows and lake outburst floods from glacial lakes and landslide-dammed lakes. Greater amounts of sediment are mobilized, and fluvial sediment fluxes are increasing. Such landscape instabilities can be largely attributed to climate change and are affecting infrastructure, carbon cycle and livelihoods for billions of people. In this talk, I give an overview of how modern climate change drives the cryospheric landscape changes in the high-mountain areas of Asia as well as other cold regions. I also discuss the social-ecological implications of the warming- driven increases in landscape instability and sediment supply.

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