here we go again !

tomorrow morning, we are off for the philippines for the 3rd time. never in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine i would ever visit the philippines once, let alone repeatedly, and with a huge group of students in tow. feeling excited and very much looking forward to seeing all my friends again. bohol, here […]

OMG my students are AMAZING

The task of grading 46 reflective field diaries, each with 12 daily entries, answers to 13 post-trip questions and a reflective conclusion (not to mention stand-profile diagrams) might seem like quite a chore. Certainly, it’s time consuming as all He!$, but holy smokes, this cohort of students has been wowing the heck out of me. […]

it’s almost time….

Well, it’s almost here. Tomorrow morning, the 2-day intro, on NUS campus begins and then, bright and early wednesday morning, we take off for Bohol. Mixed feelings. Of course, super excited and looking forward to the course, to initiating a 2nd cohort to environmental fieldwork and seeing everyone in Bohol again. At the same time, somewhat […]

It’s over

It hasn’t really sunk in that this incredible experience is over. Sure, I will still get to read my students’ reflective field diaries and mock grant proposals, but no more living in a huge, raucous group of university students. On one hand, it’s nice to be back in Singapore, to have my little feathered friend […]

A bit more about why we chose the Philippines

With a total of 7 107 islands, and stretching over 1 800 km from north to south, the Philippines is the world’s second largest archipelago country after Indonesia. It is also one of the world’s megadiverse countries, meaning that its biodiversity is nearly unparalleled and it is, in fact, its own biodiversity hotspot. Its terrestrial ecosystems have more […]

Welcome to the brand new ENV 3102 course website!

Although there is a course website on IVLE, it is only accessible to NUS students who are registered in the course as well as course instructors and teaching assistants, and students are not able to post anything on it. I wanted to create a forum for all who are involved with this course to share thoughts, […]