Welcome to the brand new ENV 3102 course website!

Although there is a course website on IVLE, it is only accessible to NUS students who are registered in the course as well as course instructors and teaching assistants, and students are not able to post anything on it. I wanted to create a forum for all who are involved with this course to share thoughts, post photos and access materials related to the course. This blog will also facilitate involvement by our Filipino counterparts and permit the family members and friends of students involved in this course to visit this blog now and then during our trip to see if we’ve posted any news, photos, etc. All members of the National University of Singapore community are also welcome here, as are members of the general public. So please, take a look around and see what we’re up to in ENV 3102 and feel free to comment and post, with the caveat that anything posted here is subject to approval by the site administrator. Thank you and salamat!

Joanna Coleman, Course coordinator and site administrator

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the brand new ENV 3102 course website!

    • Well, it’s finally here ! Tomorrow and Monday, we have full introductory days and then Tuesday we leave for Bohol !

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