OMG my students are AMAZING

The task of grading 46 reflective field diaries, each with 12 daily entries, answers to 13 post-trip questions and a reflective conclusion (not to mention stand-profile diagrams) might seem like quite a chore. Certainly, it’s time consuming as all He!$, but holy smokes, this cohort of students has been wowing the heck out of me. […]

Here’s another story

One of the things that my group really enjoyed during the trip was our research topic on how culture, history and religion affects conservation efforts in Bohol. It gave us the opportunity to find out interesting stuff from people’s perception, and it definitely gave us creeps when we listened to the stories some of them […]


Hello everyone! IT’S ME!!!!! The tarsier who managed to disguise as a human. Since I’m a tarsier I have really bad grammar so please don’t mark me down for that. I previously wrote a draft but deleted it and shifted it to my own blog because… Well, it got more and more personal so I […]

No man is an island

There’re always the same two things I take away from any event where a big group of people put their heart and soul into. The first is the inside jokes. These are the little things that come about through happenstance, never planned, never scripted. A couple of words or actions that suddenly come to life, […]