Lab 3: Comments

Lab 3 has been graded by Mr. Xiang Yongzhou. You will receive an individual email with your mark details (sent to your SoC UNIX email address). If you loose marks for reasons not specified below, please seek clarification with me or Mr. Xiang ( Here are the common mistakes that students made in Lab 3.

  1. For Question 1, if you gave an answer with a wrong time unit (ms vs. ns), you get 0 marks.
  2. For Question 1, if the question asks for average time and you give total time, you get 0 marks. Partial credits of 0.5 is given if you (a) shown working but gave a wrong answer, (b) stated that the overhead is 100 times without actually calculating the overhead, (c) gave a correct answer but in a unit other than ns (e.g., 0.4ms)
  3. For 1(d), 0.5 mark each for the first and second part. Again, incorrect units do not earn you any marks.
  4. For 2(a), you get 1 mark for explaining what does defunct process mean and 1 mark for explaining why it happens.
  5. For 3(a), you get 0.5 for answering what are the proocesses that constitute the process group and 0.5 for explaining who is the leader. If you only list the process IDs without explaning, no marks is given.
  6. For 3(b), you get 1 mark for putting a negative sign in front of the process group ID. No marks for using killpg.

We have to penalized some students. You have worked hard on the labs, please do not throw away your marks due to careless mistakes and not following instructions!

  1. Some of you did not put down your matriculation number correctly. I gave a warning this time, but for subsequent labs, we will deduct 3 marks!
  2. Please submit a text file, not a MS Word document! (We deducted 3 marks for one student due to this reason).
  3. Please do not edit any lines starting with “#”. (We deducted 3 marks for one student due to this reason).
  4. Please do not start your answer with “#”. Our program treats all lines starting with “#” as special lines. My instruction is unclear this time, but we will deduct 3 marks for subsequent labs.
  5. For late submission, 0.1 marks per minute might sound very little, but it accumulates quickly. So please manage your time and try to finish your lab early, do not wait until the last minute.

Reminder: have you completed the mid-term feedback survey?

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