Pre-class Activity 6

If you are running Windows, run the Task Manager, then go to “View”, “Show Columns..”, and enable the column “Base Priority.” (Detail could be different for different Windows version).

If you are running Linux or Mac OS X, invoke the shell and run ps -Ao user,args,pri. The last column shows the priority of each processes. Pipe it through less if the output is too long to see in one screen.

  1. What are the different priority levels you observe? What are some processes that have higher priority?
  2. When you run a multimedia programs (audio conferencing, video player), observe the priority of the processes associated with these programs.

2 thoughts on “Pre-class Activity 6

  1. I am running Windows. 1) High, Above Normal, Normal, Below Normal are the 4 priority levels. Some of the processes that have higher priority include task manager and desktop windows manager. 2) I chose to run Skype and Windows Media Player on my computer, and I noticed that the both processes are assigned Normal priority.

  2. I am running windows 7.
    1) There are in total 6 levels: Real time, High, Above Normal, Normal, Below Normal, Low. Processes with high-priority are usually the system ones.
    2) I try to open a HD file in many media players, but all of them have the same Normal priority.

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