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Conservation Asia Conference 2016

The joint SCB and ATBC Conservation Asia conference was held in Singapore from June 29-July 2, 2016. The BioEcon lab held three different symposium throughout the conference with great success!

Francesca and Le hosted ‘Ecosystem Services and Market-Based Conservation: Challenges for the Tropics’.

Will and Yuchen hosted ‘Integrated Approaches to Reconcile Biodiversity and Land Use Change’. 

Roman co-hosted with Richard Corlett (XTBG) on ‘Reducing the Biodiversity Impacts of Infrastructure Development in the Tropics’. 

Amy presenting

Amy presenting

Will presenting

Will presenting

Winnie presenting her FYP

Winnie presenting her FYP

Yuchen presenting

Yuchen presenting


Global Health Trading System

Research on DALY markets to attain the global health MDGs published in PLOS Medicine has received international media coverage:

New Scientist: article on New Scientist

New Scientist

Le Scienze:




AlternativeFuse News:




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