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Global Health Trading System

Research on DALY markets to attain the global health MDGs published in PLOS Medicine has received international media coverage:

New Scientist: article on New Scientist

New Scientist

Le Scienze:




AlternativeFuse News:




Antiviral Stockpiling

Our research on economics of international antiviral stockpiling published by the Journal of the Royal Society Interface has received worldwide media coverage:
Reuters: Flu drug stockpiles save lives, too costly for many


AFP: Drugs stockpile an option for rich countries, not poor
Royal Society: Stockpiling ‘flu drugs ‘not cost-effective’ for two thirds of countries

Top News: Stockpiling antiviral not beneficial for all
BiomedME: Stockpiling flu drugs, vaccines reduces impact of pandemic, but option out of reach for most countries, study finds
And over 20000 other news pieces in online news, newspapers, television, and radio, among them:
Online news: Yahoo News, MSN News, AsiaOne, MedlinePlus, TerraDaily, Financial Mirror
Newspapers: USA Today, The Times of India, The Post Chronicle, The Star, Oregon Herald, Zimbabwe Star, Diario Publico
Television: Sky NEWS, France 24, Fuse
Radio: WTVB, 95.5 WIFC, 1450 WHTC, 106.5 BUZZ, WKZO, KDWZ, KMFG



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