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In This Issue: Middle Eastern Politics & History | Sept Book Club
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Beginning with movements under the Ottomans, which challenged corruption and oppression under the banners of religion, justice, rights and custom, this book goes on to discuss the impact of constitutional movements, armed struggles, nationalism and independence, revolution and Islamism.
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This book shifts the limited and often negative popular understanding of the Middle East’s place in the world by chronicling the region’s contributions to the international order rather than disorder, and to the development of the international human rights system.
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The world of sociability in cosmopolitan Singapore was the crucible in which relations between the Arabs and the British in Singapore took shape during the early twentieth century. (Chapter 4 in The Hadhrami Diaspora in Southeast Asia)
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This book investigates the role of civil society groups in the making of the Arab Spring and under what conditions they attained their goals. Democracy and recognition of human rights and fundamental freedoms seem to be the main drives of civil and grassroots movements.
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This article explores how the advent of European empires in the nineteenth century affected the power structure of one of these diasporic groups, the Hadhrami Arabs, from the Middle East to South East Asia.
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