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90. Triple-junction solar cells with cyanate in ultrawide bandgap perovskites.

Liu, S.; Lu, Y.; Yu, C.; Li, J.; Luo, R.; Guo, R.; Liang, H.; Jia, X.; Guo, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhou, Q.; Wang, X.; Yang, S.; Sui, M.; Müller-Buschbaum, P.; Hou, Y.

Nature 2024. DOI: 10.1038/s41586-024-07226-1

89. Perovskite–organic tandem solar cells.

Brinkmann, K.; Wang, P.; Lang, F.; Li, W.; Guo, X.; Zimmermann, F.; Olthof, S.; Neher, D.; Hou, Y.; Stolterfoht, M.; Wang, T.; Djurišić, A.; Riedl, T.

Nature Reviews Materials 2024. DOI: 10.1038/s41578-023-00642-1

88. Enhancing the efficiency and longevity of inverted perovskite solar cells with antimony-doped tin oxides.

Li, J.; Liang, H.; Xiao, C.; Jia, X.; Guo, R.; Chen, J.; Guo, X.; Luo, R.; Wang, X.; Li, M.; Rossier, M.; Hauser, A.; Linardi, F.; Alvianto, E.; Liu, S.; Feng, J.; Hou, Y.

Nature Energy 2024. DOI: 10.1038/s41560-023-01442-1

87. “T-shaped” Carbazole Alkylammonium Cation Passivation in Perovskite Solar Cells.

Shi, Z.; Guo, R.; Luo, R.; Wang, X.; Ma, J.; Feng, J.; Niu, X.; Alvianto, E.; Jia, Z.; Guo, X.; Liang, H.; Chen, J.; Li, Z.; Sun, K.; Jiang, X.; Wu, Y.; Müller-Buschbaum, P.; Hu, W.; Hou, Y.

ACS Energy Lett. 2024, 9, 419–427.


86. Surface Passivation with Diaminopropane Dihydroiodide for p-i-n Perovskite Solar Cells with Over 25% Efficiency.

Lan, Z.; Wang, Y.; Shao, J.; Ma, D.; Liu, Z.; Li, D.; Hou, Y.; Yao, J.; Zhong, Y.

Adv. Funct. Mater. 2023, 2312426.

85. Solution-Growth Liquid-Phase Epitaxy of CsPbBr3 on NaCl by Optimizing the Substrate Dissolution.

Elia, J.; Levchuk, I.; Hou, Y.; Matt, G.-J.; These, A.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, J.; Forberich, K.; Osvet, A.; Götz, K.; Prihoda, A.; Wu, M.; Harreiß, C.; Rechberger, S.; Will, J.; Unruh, T.; Spiecker, E.; Zorenko, Y.; Batentschuk, M.; Brabec, C.-J.

J. Phys. Chem. C 2023, 127 (45), 22412–22424.

84. 29.9%-efficient, commercially viable perovskite/CuInSe2 thin-film tandem solar cells.

Liang, H.; Feng, J.; Rodríguez-Gallegos, C.-D.; Krause, M.; Wang, X.; Alvianto, E.; Guo, R.; Liu, H.; Kothandaraman, R.-K.; Carron, R.; Tiwari, A.-N.; Peters, I.-M.; Fu, F.; Hou, Y.

Joule 2023, 7, 1-14.

83. Refining the Substrate Surface Morphology for Achieving Efficient Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells. 

Guo, R.; Wang, X.; Jia, X.; Guo, X.; Li, J.; Li, Z.; Sun, K.; Jiang, X.; Alvianto, E.; Shi, Z.; Schwartzkopf, M.; Buschbaum, P.; Hou, Y.

Adv. Energy Mater. 2023, 13 (43), 2302280.

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82. Resonant perovskite solar cells with extended band edge.

Feng, J.; Wang, X.; Li, J.; Liang, H.; Wen, W.; Alvianto, E.; Qiu, C.; Su, R.; Hou, Y.

Nature Communications 2023, 14 (1), 5392.

81. Accounting for Fabrication Variability in Transparent Perovskite Solar Cells for Four‐Terminal Tandem Applications.

Tan, H.; Liang, H.; Krause, M.; Zhao, X.; Kothandaraman, R.; Carron, R.; Tiwari, A.; Fu, F.; Birgersson, E.; Hou, Y.; Xue, H.

Sol. RRL 2023, 7 (18), 2300339.

80. Compact spin-valley-locked perovskite emission.

Chen, Y.; Feng, J.; Huang, Y.; Chen, W.; Su, R.; Ghosh, S.; Hou, Y.; Xiong, Q.; Qiu, C.

Nature Materials 2023, 22, 1065-1070.

79. Roadmap on commercialization of metal halide perovskite photovoltaics.

Feng, S.; Cheng, Y.; Yip, H.; Zhong, Y.; Fong, P.; Li, G.; Ng, A.; Chen, C.; Castriotta, L.; Matteocci, F.; Vesce, L.; Saranin, D.; Carlo, A.; Wang, P.; Ho, J.; Hou, Y.; Lin, F.; Aberle, A.; Song, Z.; Yan, Y.; Chen, X.; Yang, Y.; Syed, A.; Ahmad, I.; Leung, T.; Wang, Y.; Lin, J.; Hu, H.; Karimipour, M.; Baumann, F.; Tanko, K.; Pereyra, C.; Raga, S.; Xie, H.; Lira-Cantu, M.; Khenkin, M.; Visoly-Fisher, I.; Katz, E.; Vaynzof, Y.; Vidal, R.; Yu, G.; Lin, H.; Weng, S.; Wang, S.; Djurisic, A.

J. Phys. Mater. 2023, 6, 032501.


78. An embedded interfacial network stabilizes inorganic CsPbI3 perovskite thin films.

Steele, J.; Braeckevelt, T.; Prakasam, V.; Degutis, G.; Yuan, H.; Jin, H.; Solano, E.; Puech, P.; Basak, S.; Pintor-Monroy, M.; Gorp, H.; Fleury, G.; Yang, R.; Lin, Z.; Huang, H.; Debroye, E.; Chernyshov, D.; Chen, B.; Wei, M.; Hou, Y.; Gehlhaar, R.; Genoe, J.; Feyter, S.; Rogge, S.; Walsh, A.; Sargent, E.; Yang, P.; Hofkens, J.; Speybroeck, V.; Roeffaers, M.

Nature Communications 2022, 13, 7513.

77. Sub-millimetre light detection and ranging using perovskites.

Najarian, A.; Vafaie, M.; Johnston, A; Zhu, T.; Wei, M.; Saidaminov, M.; Hou, Y.; Hoogland, S.; Arquer, F.; Sargent, E.

Nature Electronics 2022, 5, 511–518.

76. Modeling and sensitivity analysis of a two-terminal perovskite on organic tandem solar cell.

Zhao, X.; Tan, H.-Q.; Birgersson, E.; Chen, W.; Hou, Y.; Xue, H.

Cell Rep. Phys. Sci. 2022, 3 (9), 101038.

75. Scalable processing for realizing 21.7%-efficient all-perovskite tandem solar modules.

Xiao, K.; Lin, Y.; Zhang, M.; Oliver, R.; Wang, X.; Liu, Z.; Luo, X.; Li, J.; Lai, D.; Luo, H.; Lin, R.; Xu, J.; Hou, Y.; Snaith, H.; Tan, H.

Science 2022, 376 (6594), 762-767.

74. Developing the Next-Generation Perovskite/Si Tandems: Toward Efficient, Stable, and Commercially Viable Photovoltaics.

Li, J.; Alvianto, E.; Hou, Y.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2022, 14 (30), 34262–34268.

73. Quantum-size-tuned heterostructures enable efficient and stable inverted perovskite solar cells.

Chen, H.; Teale, S.; Chen, B.; Hou, Y.; Grater, L.; Zhe, T.; Bertens, K.; Park, S. M.; Atapattu, H. R.; Gao, Y.; Wei, M.; Johnston, A. K.; Zhou, Q.; Xu, K.; Yu, D.; Han, C.; Cui, T.; Jung, E. H.; Zhou, C.; Zhou, W.; Proppe, A. H.; Hoogland, S.; Laquai, F.; Filleter, T.; Graham, K. R.; Ning, Z.; Sargent, E. H.

Nature Photonics 2022, 16, 352-358.

72. Monolithic perovskite/organic tandem solar cells with 23.6% efficiency enabled by reduced voltage losses and optimized interconnecting layer.

Chen, W.; Zhu, Y.; Xiu, J.; Chen, G.; Liang, H.; Liu, S.; Xue, H.; Birgersson, E.; Ho, J. W.; Qin, X.; Lin, J.; Ma, R.; Liu, T.; He, Y.; Ng, M.-C.; Guo, X.; He, Z.; Yan, H.; Djurišić, A. B.; Hou, Y.

Nature Energy 2022, 7 (3), 229-237.

71. Monolithic Perovskite-silicon Tandem Solar cells: from the Lab to Fab?

Fu, F.; Li, J.; Yang, C.-J.; Liang, H.; Faes, A.; Jeangros, Q.; Ballif, C.; Hou, Y.

Adv. Mater. 2022, 34 (24), 2106540.

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70. Bright and Stable Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Perovskite Quantum Dots in Perovskite Matrix.

Liu, Y.; Dong, Y.; Zhu, T.; Ma, D.; Proppe, A.; Chen, B.; Zheng, C.; Hou, Y.; Lee, S.; Sun, B.; Jung, E.; Yuan, F.; Wang, Y.; Sagar, L.; Hoogland, S.; García de Arquer, F.; Choi, M.; Singh, K.; Kelley, S.; Voznyy, O.; Lu, Z.; Sargent, E. H.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143 (38), 15606-15615.

69. Quantum Dot Self-Assembly Enables Low-Threshold Lasing.

Zhou, C.; Pina, J. M.; Zhu, T.; Parmar, D. H.; Chang, H.; Yu, J.; Yuan, F.; Bappi, G.; Hou, Y.; Zheng, X.; Abed, J.; Chen, H.; Zhang, J.; Gao, Y.; Chen, B.; Wang, Y.; Chen, H.; Zhang, T.; Hoogland, S.; Saidaminov, M.; Sun, L.; Bakr, O.; Dong, H.; Zhang, L.; Sargent, E. H.

Adv. Sci. 2021, 8 (20), 2101125.

68. Passivation of the Buried Interface via Preferential Crystallization of 2D Perovskite on Metal Oxide Transport Layers.

Chen, B.; Chen, H.; Hou, Y.; Xu, J.; Teale, S.; Bertens, K.; Chen, H.; Proppe, A.; Zhou, Q.; Yu, D.; Xu, K.; Vafaie, M.; Liu, Y.; Dong, Y.; Jung, E.; Zheng, C.; Zhu, T.; Ning, Z.; Sargent, E. H.

Adv. Mater. 2021, 33 (41), 2103394.

67. Toward Stable Monolithic Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Photovoltaics: A Six-Month Outdoor Performance Study in a Hot and Humid Climate.

De Bastiani, M.; Van Kerschaver, E.; Jeangros, Q.; Ur Rehman, A.; Aydin, E.; Isikgor, F.; Mirabelli, A.; Babics, M.; Liu, J.; Zhumagali, S.; Ugur, E.; Harrison, G.; Allen, T.; Chen, B.; Hou, Y.; Shikin, S.; Sargent, E.; Ballif, C.; Salvador, M.; De Wolf, S.

ACS Energy Lett. 2021, 6 (8), 2944-2951.

66. One-Step Synthesis of SnI2·(DMSO)x Adducts for High-Performance Tin Perovskite Solar Cells.

Jiang, X.; Li, H.; Zhou, Q.; Wei, Q.; Wei, M.; Jiang, L.; Wang, Z.; Peng, Z.; Wang, F.; Zang, Z.; Xu, K.; Hou, Y.; Teale, S.; Zhou, W.; Si, R.; Gao, X.; Sargent, E. H.; Ning, Z.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143 (29), 10097-10976.

65. Ligand-bridged charge extraction and enhanced quantum efficiency enable efficient n–i–p perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells.

Aydin, E.; Liu, J.; Ugur, E.; Azmi, R.; Harrison, G.; Hou, Y.; Chen, B.; Zhumagali, S.; De Bastiani, M.; Wang, M.; Raja, W.; Allen, T.; Rehman, A.; Subbiah, A.; Babics, M.; Babayigit, A.; Isikgor, F.; Wang, K.; Van Kerschaver, E.; Tsetseris, L.; Sargent, E. H.; Laquai, F.; De Wolf, S.

Energy Environ. Sci. 2021, 14 (8), 4377-4390.

64. Synthesis, Applications, and Prospects of Quantum-Dot-in-Perovskite Solids.

Chen, H.; Pina, J. M.; Hou, Y.; Sargent, E. H.

Adv. Energy Mater. 2021, 12 (4), 2100774.

63. All-inorganic quantum dot LEDs based on phase-stabilized α-CsPbI3 perovskite.

Wang Y.; Yuan, F.; Dong, Y.; Li, J.; Johnston, A.; Chen, B.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Zhou, C.; Zheng, X.; Hou, Y.; Bertens, K.; Ebe, H.; Ma, D.; Deng, Z.; Yuan, S.; Chen, R.; Sagar, L. K.; Liu, J.; Fan, J.; Li, P.; Li, X.; Gao, Y.; Fung, M.; Lu, Z.; Bakr, O. M.; Liao, L.; Sargent, E. H.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60 (29), 16164–16170.

62. Discovery of temperature-induced stability reversal in perovskites using high-throughput robotic learning.

Zhao, Y.; Zhang, J.; Xu, Z.; Sun, S.; Langner, S.;  Hartono, N. T. P.; Heumueller, T.; Hou, Y.; Elia, J.; Li, N.; Matt, G. J.; Du, X.; Meng, W.; Osvet, A.; Zhang, K.; Stubhan, T.; Feng, Y.; Hauch, J.; Sargent, E. H.; Buonassisi, T.; Brabec, C. J.

Nature Communications 2021, 12 (1), 2191.

61. Dopant-Assisted Matrix Stabilization Enables Thermoelectric Performance Enhancement in n-Type Quantum Dot Films.

Nugraha, M. I.; Sun, B.; Kim, H.; EL-Labban, A.; Desai, S.; Chaturvedi, N.; Hou, Y.; Garcia de Arquer, F. P.; Alshareef, H. N.; Sargent, E. H.; Baran, D.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13 (16), 18999–19007.

60. Band Engineering via Gradient Molecular Dopants for CsFA Perovskite Solar Cells.

Huang, Z.; Wei, M.; Proppe, A. H.; Chen, H.; Chen, B.; Hou, Y.; Ning, Z.;  Sargent, E. H.

Adv. Funct. Mater. 2021, 31 (18), 2010572.

59. An antibonding valence band maximum enables defect-tolerant and stable GeSe photovoltaics.

Liu, S.; Dai, C.; Min, Y.; Hou, Y.; Proppe, A. H.; Zhou, Y.; Chen, C.; Chen, S.; Tang, J.; Xue, D.; Sargent, E. H.; Hu, J.

Nature Communications 2021, 12 (1), 670.

58. Efficient bifacial monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells via bandgap engineering.

Bastiani, M. D.; Mirabelli, A. J.; Hou, Y.; Gota, F.; Aydin, E.; Allen, T. G.; Troughton, J.; Subbiah, A. S.; Isikgor, F. H.; Liu, J.; Xu, L.; Chen, B.; Kerschaver, E. V.; Baran, D.; Fraboni, B.; Salvador, M. F.; Paetzold, U. W.; Sargent E. H.; Wolf, S. D.

Nature Energy 2021, 6 (2), 167–175.


57. Strain-activated light-induced halide segregation in mixed-halide perovskite solids. 

Zhao, Y.; Miao, P.; Elia, J.; Hu, H.; Wang, X.; Heumueller, T.; Hou, Y.; Matt, G. J.; Osvet, A.; Chen, Y. T.; Tarragó, M.; de Ligny, D.; Przybilla, T.; Denninger, P.; Will, J.; Zhang, J.; Tang, X.; Li, N.; He, C.; Pan, A,; Meixner, A.; Spiecker, E; Zhang, D.; Brabec, C. J.

Nature Communications 2020, 11 (1), 1–9.

56. All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells with 24.2% Certified Efficiency and Area over 1 cm2 Using Surface-Anchoring Zwitterionic Antioxidant.

Xiao, K.; Lin, R.; Han, Q.; Hou, Y.; Qin, Z.; Nguyen, H. T.; Wen, J.; Wei, M.; Yeddu, V.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Gao, Y.; Luo, X.; Wang, Y.; Gao, H.; Zhang, C.; Xu, J.; Zhu, J.; Sargent, E. H.; Tan, H.

Nature Energy 2020, 5 (11), 870–880.

55. Efficient Tandem Solar Cells with Solution-Processed Perovskite on Textured Crystalline Silicon.

Hou, Y.; Aydin, E.; Bastiani, M. D.; Xiao, C.; Isikgor, F. H.; Xue, D.-J.; Chen, B.; Chen, H.; Bahrami, B.; Chowdhury, A. H.; Johnston, A.; Baek, S.-W.; Huang, Z.; Wei, M.; Dong, Y.; Troughton, J.; Jalmood, R.; Mirabelli, A. J.; Allen, T. G.; Kerschaver, E. V.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Baran, D.; Qiao, Q.; Zhu, K.; Wolf, S. D.; Sargent, E. H.

Science 2020, 367 (6482), 1135–1140.

54. All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells: A Roadmap to Uniting High Efficiency with High Stability.

Zheng, X.; Alsalloum, A. Y.; Hou, Y.; Sargent, E. H.; Bakr, O. M.

Acc. Mater. Res. 2020, (1), 63–76.

53. Regulating Strain in Perovskite Thin Films through Charge-Transport Layers.

Xue, D.-J.; Hou, Y.; Liu, S.-C.; Wei, M.; Chen, B.; Huang, Z.; Li, Z.; Sun, B.; Proppe, A. H.; Dong, Y.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Kelley, S. O.; Hu, J.-S.; Sargent, E. H.

Nature Communications 2020, 11 (1), 1514.

52. Combining Efficiency and Stability in Mixed Tin–Lead Perovskite Solar Cells by Capping Grains with an Ultrathin 2D Layer.

Wei, M.; Xiao, K.; Walters, G.; Lin, R.; Zhao, Y.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Todorović, P.; Johnston, A.; Huang, Z.; Chen, H.; Li, A.; Zhu, J.; Yang, Z.; Wang, Y.-K.; Proppe, A. H.; Kelley, S. O.; Hou, Y.; Voznyy, O.; Tan, H.; Sargent, E. H.

Adv. Mater. 2020, 32 (12), 1907058.

51. Dimensional Mixing Increases the Efficiency of 2D/3D Perovskite Solar Cells.

Teale, S.; Proppe, A. H.; Jung, E. H.; Johnston, A.; Parmar, D. H.; Chen, B.; Hou, Y.; Kelley, S. O.; Sargent, E. H.

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2020, 11 (13), 5115–5119.

50. Heterogeneous Supersaturation in Mixed Perovskites.

Tan, C. S.; Hou, Y.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Proppe, A.; Huang, Y. S.; Zhao, Y.; Wei, M.; Walters, G.; Wang, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Todorovic, P.; Kelley, S. O.; Chen, L. J.; Sargent, E. H.

Adv. Sci. 2020, 7 (7), 1903166.

49. Engineering of the Electron Transport Layer/Perovskite Interface in Solar Cells Designed on TiO2 Rutile Nanorods.

Shahvaranfard, F.; Altomare, M.; Hou, Y.; Hejazi, S.; Meng, W.; Osuagwu, B.; Li, N.; Brabec, C. J.; Schmuki, P.

Adv. Funct. Mater. 2020, 30 (10), 1909738.

48. Multi-Cation Perovskites Prevent Carrier Reflection from Grain Surfaces.

Saidaminov, M. I.; Williams, K.; Wei, M.; Johnston, A.; Quintero-Bermudez, R.; Vafaie, M.; Pina, J. M.; Proppe, A. H.; Hou, Y.; Walters, G.; Kelley, S. O.; Tisdale, W. A.; Sargent, E. H.

Nature Materials 2020, 19 (4), 412–418.

47. Visualizing and Suppressing Nonradiative Losses in High Open-Circuit Voltage n-i-p-Type CsPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells.

Meng, W.; Hou, Y.; Karl, A.; Gu, E.; Tang, X.; Osvet, A.; Zhang, K.; Zhao, Y.; Du, X.; Garcia Cerrillo, J.; Li, N.; Brabec, C. J.

ACS Energy Lett. 2020, 5 (1), 271–279.

46. Chloride Insertion–Immobilization Enables Bright, Narrowband, and Stable Blue-Emitting Perovskite Diodes.

Ma, D.; Todorović, P.; Meshkat, S.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Wang, Y.-K.; Chen, B.; Li, P.; Scheffel, B.; Quintero-Bermudez, R.; Fan, J. Z.; Dong, Y.; Sun, B.; Xu, C.; Zhou, C.; Hou, Y.; Li, X.; Kang, Y.; Voznyy, O.; Lu, Z.-H.; Ban, D.; Sargent, E. H.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142 (11), 5126–5134.

45. Bifunctional Surface Engineering on SnO2 Reduces Energy Loss in Perovskite Solar Cells.

Jung, E. H.; Chen, B.; Bertens, K.; Vafaie, M.; Teale, S.; Proppe, A.; Hou, Y.; Zhu, T.; Zheng, C.; Sargent, E. H.

ACS Energy Lett. 2020, 5 (9), 2796–2801.

44. Stable, Bromine-Free, Tetragonal Perovskites with 1.7 EV Bandgaps via A-Site Cation Substitution.

Huang, Z.; Chen, B.; Sagar, L. K.; Hou, Y.; Proppe, A.; Kung, H.-T.; Yuan, F.; Johnston, A.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Jung, E. H.; Lu, Z.-H.; Kelley, S. O.; Sargent, E. H.

ACS Mater. Lett. 2020, 2 (7), 869–872.

43. Managing Grains and Interfaces via Ligand Anchoring Enables 22.3%-Efficiency Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells.

Zheng, X.; Hou, Y.; Bao, C.; Yin, J.; Yuan, F.; Huang, Z.; Song, K.; Liu, J.; Troughton, J.; Gasparini, N.; Zhou, C.; Lin, Y.; Xue, D.-J.; Chen, B.; Johnston, A. K.; Wei, N.; Hedhili, M. N.; Wei, M.; Alsalloum, A. Y.; Maity, P.; Turedi, B.; Yang, C.; Baran, D.; Anthopoulos, T. D.; Han, Y.; Lu, Z.-H.; Mohammed, O. F.; Gao, F.; Sargent, E. H.; Bakr, O. M.

Nature Energy 2020, 5 (2), 131–140.

42. Bipolar-Shell Resurfacing for Blue LEDs Based on Strongly Confined Perovskite Quantum Dots.

Dong, Y.; Wang, Y.-K.; Yuan, F.; Johnston, A.; Liu, Y.; Ma, D.; Choi, M.-J.; Chen, B.; Chekini, M.; Baek, S.-W.; Sagar, L. K.; Fan, J.; Hou, Y.; Wu, M.; Lee, S.; Sun, B.; Hoogland, S.; Quintero-Bermudez, R.; Ebe, H.; Todorovic, P.; Dinic, F.; Li, P.; Kung, H. T.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Kumacheva, E.; Spiecker, E.; Liao, L.-S.; Voznyy, O.; Lu, Z.-H.; Sargent, E. H.

Nature Nanotechnology 2020, 15 (8), 668–674.

41. Enhanced Optical Path and Electron Diffusion Length Enable High-Efficiency Perovskite Tandems.

Chen, B.; Baek, S.-W.; Hou, Y.; Aydin, E.; De Bastiani, M.; Scheffel, B.; Proppe, A.; Huang, Z.; Wei, M.; Wang, Y.-K.; Jung, E.-H.; Allen, T. G.; Van Kerschaver, E.; García de Arquer, F. P.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Hoogland, S.; De Wolf, S.; Sargent, E. H.

Nature Communication 2020, 11 (1), 1257.


40. Quantum Dots Supply Bulk- and Surface-Passivation Agents for Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells.

Zheng, X.; Troughton, J.; Gasparini, N.; Lin, Y.; Wei, M.; Hou, Y.; Liu, J.; Song, K.; Chen, Z.; Yang, C.; Turedi, B.; Alsalloum, A. Y.; Pan, J.; Chen, J.; Zhumekenov, A. A.; Anthopoulos, T. D.; Han, Y.; Baran, D.; Mohammed, O. F.; Sargent, E. H.; Bakr, O. M.

Joule 2019, 3 (8), 1963–1976.

39. Reducing Defects in Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals for Light-Emitting Applications.

Zheng, X.; Hou, Y.; Sun, H.-T.; Mohammed, O. F.; Sargent, E. H.; Bakr, O. M.

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2019, 10 (10), 2629–2640.

38. Double-Side-Passivated Perovskite Solar Cells with Ultra-Low Potential Loss.

Zhao, Y.; Li, Q.; Zhou, W.; Hou, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Fu, R.; Yu, D.; Liu, X.; Zhao, Q.

Sol. RRL 2019, 3 (2), 1800296.

37. Solution-Processed Perovskite-Colloidal Quantum Dot Tandem Solar Cells for Photon Collection beyond 1000 nm.

Manekkathodi, A.; Chen, B.; Kim, J.; Baek, S.-W.; Scheffel, B.; Hou, Y.; Ouellette, O.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Voznyy, O.; Madhavan, V. E.; Belaidi, A.; Ashhab, S.; Sargent, E.

J. Mater. Chem. A 2019, 7 (45), 26020–26028.

36. Suppressed Ion Migration in Reduced-Dimensional Perovskites Improves Operating Stability.

Huang, Z.; Proppe, A. H.; Tan, H.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Tan, F.; Mei, A.; Tan, C.-S.; Wei, M.; Hou, Y.; Han, H.; Kelley, S. O.; Sargent, E. H.

ACS Energy Lett. 2019, 4 (7), 1521–1527.

35. Assembling Mesoscale-Structured Organic Interfaces in Perovskite Photovoltaics.

Hou, Y.; Xie, C.; Radmilovic, V. V.; Puscher, B.; Wu, M.; Heumüller, T.; Karl, A.; Li, N.; Tang, X.; Meng, W.; Chen, S.; Osvet, A.; Guldi, D.; Spiecker, E.; Radmilović, V. R.; Brabec, C. J.

Adv. Mater. 2019, 31 (8), 1806516.

34. Efficient and Stable Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells Incorporating Secondary Amines.

Chen, H.; Wei, Q.; Saidaminov, M. I.; Wang, F.; Johnston, A.; Hou, Y.; Peng, Z.; Xu, K.; Zhou, W.; Liu, Z.; Qiao, L.; Wang, X.; Xu, S.; Li, J.; Long, R.; Ke, Y.; Sargent, E. H.; Ning, Z.

Adv. Mater. 2019, 31 (46), 1903559.

33. Ionic Dipolar Switching Hinders Charge Collection in Perovskite Solar Cells with Normal and Inverted Hysteresis.

Almora, O.; Lopez-Varo, P.; Cho, K. T.; Aghazada, S.; Meng, W.; Hou, Y.; Echeverría-Arrondo, C.; Zimmermann, I.; Matt, G. J.; Jiménez-Tejada, J. A.; Brabec, C. J.; Nazeeruddin, M. K.; Garcia-Belmonte, G.

Sol. Energy Mater Sol. Cells 2019, 195, 291–298.


32. Evidence of Tailoring the Interfacial Chemical Composition in Normal Structure Hybrid Organohalide Perovskites by a Self-Assembled Monolayer.

Will, J.; Hou, Y.; Scheiner, S.; Pinkert, U.; Hermes, I. M.; Weber, S. A. L.; Hirsch, A.; Halik, M.; Brabec, C.; Unruh, T.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10 (6), 5511–5518.

31. Resolving a Critical Instability in Perovskite Solar Cells by Designing a Scalable and Printable Carbon Based Electrode-Interface Architecture.

Mashhoun, S.; Hou, Y.; Chen, H.; Tajabadi, F.; Taghavinia, N.; Egelhaaf, H.-J.; Brabec, C. J.

Adv. Energy Mater. 2018, 8 (31), 1802085.

30. The Interplay of Contact Layers: How the Electron Transport Layer Influences Interfacial Recombination and Hole Extraction in Perovskite Solar Cells.

Hermes, I. M.; Hou, Y.; Bergmann, V. W.; Brabec, C. J.; Weber, S. A. L.

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2018, 9 (21), 6249–6256.

29. Switching Off Hysteresis in Perovskite Solar Cells by Fine-Tuning Energy Levels of Extraction Layers.

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