Novel Solution to the “myna inconvenience”?

The issues we’ve been discussing in class are in the news!! (ok it’s not exactly news, more like a commentary… but still!)

I just thought it’d be interesting to share, because of the suggestion in the last few paragraphs. Can we create an “urban food chain” in which javan mynas are the prey, and we humans are the predator? Not the most appealing solution at first glance, but it got me wondering whether it might actually work…

Aside from being unappealing to the general public (why eat mynas when you can afford all this other more appealing food?), the main issue I can think of is probably a health issue, if the mynas have been rooting through our garbage (but wouldn’t that just be incentive for us not to expose our trash?). I suppose there might be other issues that I haven’t considered, but it really did get me thinking about whether the creation of “urban food chains” (involving humans) is possible, and whether that might alleviate the pest problem.

What do you guys think? I’d really like to hear some thoughts about this interesting proposal

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