another semester over

I just wanted to use this space to express my genuine sadness to see this semester come to an end. I’ve been teaching this course for 3 years now (though this is my first time coordinating it), and I have never had such buy-in to the blog before. To have this durable record of such diverse and informed pieces of writing by my students – well, it’s hard to express how gratifying this is. I will consider myself fortunate if I have a group that is even half as engaged as this one was. And by the way, it’s worth noting that a large fraction of my students were 3rd year students. My deepest thanks for making this website so wonderful !

New book on urban wildlife – “Unseen City”

I came across this post while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed today, and was pleasantly surprised to learn of a new book that was released just last month!

“Unseen City: The Majesty of Pigeons, the Discreet Charm of Snails & Other Wonders of the Urban Wilderness.” – the title says it all, doesn’t it? Urban synanthropes, urban adapters, they’re all here! Check out the trailer below!

This is definitely going into my to-read list! 🙂