Project Title: Healthy living with Online suPport & Education (HOPE) Intervention


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a global leading cause of mortality and disease burden. Despite the abundance of information on CVD risk factors and CVD risk calculators, most have modest understandability and lack actionable information. Singapore Heart Age, an online screening tool, was developed in collaboration with the Singapore Heart Foundation to communicate CVD risk to the general population. A Heart Age score higher than chronological age will refer individuals to HOPE, a digital e-counselling platform aimed at supporting individuals adopting and maintaining heart-healthy lifestyle behaviours. HOPE is a 6-month motivational interviewing web-based intervention to provide behaviour change content tailored to individuals’ CVD risk factors, readiness to change, and motivation level.

The HOPE programme web development for CVD prevention, including text content, videos, tools and trackers has been completed. A pilot study (n= 33) was conducted to test the effectiveness of the HOPE programme. The development of mobile application for HOPE has been completed as well.

There are plans to start HOPE-CVD randomised controlled trial recruitment in Q1 2023. The trial is structured into 4 arms, including usual care (control), Heart Age intervention, Heart Age + HOPE intervention, and Heart Age + HOPE + Genetic Score intervention. We aim to recruit n = 1,500 participants for the trial.

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Last updated Apr 21, 2023