Future Health Technologies


The Future Health Technologies (FHT) programme – the third programme to take place within the framework of the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) – aims to develop a future-oriented Mobile Digital Health Concept which tackles the dramatic increase in people suffering from chronic diseases as a consequence of a rapidly ageing population in all parts of the world, and in Singapore specifically.

The FHT programme will drive research all the way from developing new mobile digital health technologies to assessing their clinical and cost efficacy in clinical trials. Smart mobile digital technologies are key for implementing the required healthcare transformation, since they can be designed to collect, analyse and act upon disease-specific biomarkers of the individual on a large scale and at low cost. Therefore, building up an information system which enables better self-management at the hand and supportive care on the other provides the foundation for creating a high-value approach to population-wide healthcare.

The programme will focus on three application areas (Modules 1–3) which are essential for moving towards future-oriented, sustainable healthcare models. Additionally, general challenges within the field from a systemic perspective will be addressed in Module 4. The PANDA team is one of the key Singapore contributors. Specifically, PANDA will, jointly with Swiss investigators, lead module 2: Mobile health interventions for promoting behavioural and lifestyle changes.


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Last updated Feb 21, 2022