Parks and Health

Project Title: Parks and Health


The Parks and Health study is being conducted in partnership with the National Parks Board (Singapore). It is hypothesized that the distance, size, and features of green spaces such as parks are directly and/or indirectly associated with an individual’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, this study aims to investigate how parks contribute to overall health and wellbeing; and, how parks are currently used by a population-based sample of Singaporean adults.

To achieve the study aims three work packages are underway.

Work Package 1

In the first work package – geospatial analysis – we will gather information on the attributes of parks, including their size and location. Geographic Information System (GIS) ‘layers’ provided by the National Parks Board will be used. They will be applied to regions based on the postal codes of all participants enrolled in the Singapore Population Health Study (SPHS) cohorts. At a macro level, this work package will investigate the association between parks and health and wellbeing. At a micro level, it will identify the specific attributes of parks that are associated with health behaviours, health and wellbeing. A unique aspect of the study is the use of park creation dates to enable longitudinal tests of associations between parks and health.

Work Package 2

In the second work package, approximately 3000 participants enrolled on the SPHS cohort studies will be approached to complete a survey. It will assess their use and engagement with the built environment, especially parks, and related factors.

Work Package 3

The third work package includes objective monitoring of physical activity and location with a sub sample of = 500 individuals who have completed the survey in Work Package 2. We will use accelerometers to monitor physical activity and a mobile application to monitor location and how participants move about their environment. The location data will be time-matched with the accelerometer data to determine physical activity within parks and other contexts.


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Last updated May 19, 2023