Did you see a civet inside the Science Centre?

Does the name Alfred Russel Wallace sound familiar? Heard of this name mentioned in your class? The Island Adventurer, a one year exhibition at Science Centre Singapore is dedicated to Wallace’s adventure in expeditions and field studies.

SSC  Wallace

The Island Adventurer – Alfred Russel Wallace exhibition at Science Centre, Singapore

As an accompaniment to this exhibition, the Science Centre staff has designed a Gallery Trail booklet for secondary school students. We are very glad to know that the booklet introduces our local wildlife such as the common palm civet, Sunda pangolin and oriental whip snake.

Wildlife in Sg  1

Wildlife in Sg  2

Besides highlighting the common palm civet as part of our local wildlife, the team also managed to include a short fact on Kopi Luwak (civet coffee) which is sold in Singapore and in our neighbouring countries.  Find out more about Kopi Luwak and the cruelty behind the trade here: Project LUWAK Singapore.

All of these animals are part of our precious local natural heritage. In order to protect this precious heritage, we can all do our part by raising awareness for wildlife in Singapore so that more people have a better understanding and appreciation to co-exist with them.

Special thanks to Xu Wanwei and Joanna Yeo who helped to design this booklet.

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