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Our research aims to provide insights on the ecological baseline information of urban and forested common palm civets in Singapore, focusing largely on civet-human conflict, and its feeding ecology and seed dispersal abilities. Through our studies since 2009, we have not only learnt more about the civet such as its distribution, diet and habits, but also, the attitudes that Singaporeans have towards them. We are also able to distinguish the diet of civets living in urban and forested areas which provide us with heightened knowledge on the fruit-frugivore interactions and seed-dispersal mechanisms in different ecosystems, and such knowledge is vital for the conservation of forests and animals (Corlett, 1998).

Various research techniques that have been used in our studies include spotlighting, camera trapping, scat analysis, sorting and identification of plant and animal parts, gut passage time experiments, seed germination trials, vegetation surveys, animal handling and GPS telemetry.

Findings from our research will have conservation implications on the management, rehabilitation and conservation of forests where the civet could be a potentially important link to recovery of forests in Singapore. Knowledge gained from our studies will also aid in the conservation efforts to mitigate human-civet conflict where appropriate management strategies could be devised.

Our research is conducted under the permit of the National Parks Board and is funded by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund.

Publications and theses

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Xu, W. & N., Sivasothi, 2010. Autecology and public awareness of the Paradoxurus hermaphroditus (Pallas, 1777) in an urban environment in Singapore. Unpublished Honours Thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore.

Conferences and posters

Fung, T. K & N., Sivasothi. “The diet of the common palm civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus (Pallas, 1777) in urban and forested environments in Singapore”. Oral presentation, 18th Biological Sciences Graduate Congress at University of Malaya, Jan 2014

Fung, T. K.  “The diet of the common palm civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus (Pallas, 1777) in urban and forested environments in Singapore”. Poster, Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III at NUS, Sept 2011

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We are always more than happy to share about what we have learnt about the common palm civets, in the form of talks and presentations, or booths. You may write to us if you wish for us to give a talk at your school or organisation. Here are some places we have presented at or conducted walks for:

Talk & Walk, BES students from NUS, Jul 2014 & Jun 2015

Booth, Singapore’s Festival of Biodiversity with Toddycats!, May 2012, Jul 2013Jul 2014 & Jun 2015

Booth, Ubin Day @ Pulau Ubin with Toddycats!, Jun 2015

Talk, CHIJ St. Theresa Earth Day Program, Apr 2015

Talk, NUS Comparative Medicine, Apr 2015

Walk, Ubin Day @ Pulau Ubin with Cicada Tree Eco-Place, Nov 2014

Talks, The Secret Lives of Mammals in Singapore @ Singapore Science Centre, Jun 2014

Talk, Nanyang Girls’ High School, May 2014

Talks, An Evening of Biodiversity: The Secret Lives of Mammals in Singapore, Apr 2014

Talk, Nature Society (Singapore), Mar 2014

Talk, Science on Saturday @ NUS, Jun 2013

Talk, NUS PEACE, Mar 2012

Talks, Geylang East Public Library with Toddycats!, Dec 2011

Musang Watch, Zhonghua Primary School with Cicada Tree Eco-Place, Nov 2011

Musang Watch, NIE student-teachers with Cicada Tree Eco-Place, Oct 2011

Talk, Raffles Girls Secondary School, Oct 2011

Talk, TMSI NUS, Aug 2011

Talks, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Aug 2011

Talk, Raffles Junior College, Aug 2011

Talk, NParks Staff @ Ubin, Jul 2011

Musang Watch for children with Cicada Tree Eco-Place, May 2011

Talk, EcoKidz Quest @ Singapore Zoo, Aug 2010

Talk, Conserving Singapore’s Biodiversity: Zoological Explorations of Singapore, Apr 2010.

Project Luwak Singapore: towards cruelty free coffee, 2013 to present

Volunteers of Toddycats Engage! NUS Toddycats!, 2010 to present

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