Kopi Luwak

Kopi luwak (civet coffee)


World’s most expensive coffee tainted by ‘horrific’ civet abuse – The Guardian, article by Oliver Milman. (19 Nov 2012)


Kopi Luwak Brown-gold blend – The Economist, Science and Technology. (31 Aug 2013)

Civet coffee: why it’s time to cut the crap – The Guardian, Word of Mouth Blog article by Tony Wild. (13 Sep 2013)

Civet cat coffee’s animal cruelty secrets – BBC News, London article by Guy Lynn & Chris Rogers. (13 Sep 2013)

Indonesian cat-poo coffee producers deny mislabelling – Channel NewsAsia. article by Agence France-Presse. (13 Sep 2013)

Indonesian Kopi Luwak Producers Deny Mislabelling – Jakarta Globe, article by Agence France-Presse. (14 Sep 2013)

Video: Our World Coffee’s Cruel Secret – BBC News, Our World (15 Sep 2013)

The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Is a Cruel Cynical Scam – Time, World article by Yenni Kwok, @yennikwok. (02 Oct 2013)

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