Moving out special: How to make the process easier

First things first…

May 4 Blog #1

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You need some containers to put your stuff in. Those with wheels are the best for they are easier to transport. Use suitcases or plastic containers with wheels. But if you are packing your things in a cardboard box, do not fret – your residence’s management office will have some trolleys for rent to make moving them much easier.

Tip: if you do not have containers, go to the back of a grocery store (where the delivery trucks go) and ask the staff nicely if they have extra boxes. They will be happy to give you extra boxes from that day’s deliveries!


Logistics, logistics

May 4 Blog #2

Sample of check out email to residents

Each residence will have its own check out procedure emailed to the residents. Read through this email thoroughly so that you know when and where to return your keys and do not forget to book the necessary room checks (if any). And remember to change your address in MyIsis, your bank, work etc. You might miss important mail after you move!


Make it a friendly/family affair

May 4 Blog #3

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More hands make less work! Why don’t you and your friends help clean each other’s rooms? While packing and cleaning, you can reminisce about your amazing time in uni and in res, or discuss future travel plans! Or ask your family to help you – more hands (and maybe a car) makes cleaning and moving items less difficult.

Tip: The best way to do “group cleaning”? Divide your room into sections, and allocate one person to each section. For example, your mom could pack items on your desk, your sister do the same for your shelves and drawers, while you sort out your closet.


Have a cleaning playlist!

May 4 Blog #4

Lorde playlist | Vevo

Make packing and cleaning less of a chore by blasting some lively music! Alternatively, you can stream your favourite movie or drama. Having “background noise” that makes you happy will really make the hours not feel as long!


Pack like a pro

May 4 Blog #5

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Pack related items in the same box, and make sure to label each box accordingly. This saves you time when you unpack because you know exactly where to find your things.

Tip: Place smaller items (e.g. pens, makeup) inside hollow containers to save space. This also ensures your small items do not “spill” in your box. Use clothes (or notes from that class you didn’t like…) to cushion breakable items.


Don’t throw, donate!

May 4 Blog #6

NUSycle poster | UTown Residences

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure…and those clothes you’ve outgrown or those pillows that do not fit in your boxes may just change someone’s life! There are donation boxes in your residences for used items in good condition. Donate the good stuff instead of throwing them away!


Give your room one final sweep

May 4 Blog #7

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After you have cleared the room of things, make sure to sweep the floor and wipe all surfaces clean. If you leave your room in a less-than-stellar state, you may be charged a housekeeping fee. It’s also basic courtesy to the residence, the cleaners and the next resident.

 And now, you can finally shed a tear. You know you’ll miss this place.

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  1. Your article has no flaws. I’m sure you help a lot of people every day. Let’s add a basic moving tip: ask friends and family members to help with the big move. After all the heavy lifting is done, make sure to relax with the traditional moving house feast of pizza and beer or a BBQ outside of the house. This is a good way to release the a lot of stress from the big move.

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