Adventure Time: Residential Leaders’ Camp 2015 Photoessay

81 participants, marooned on an island and facing their biggest fears. Is this the plot of Battle Royale? Or Survivor?

No, we’re talking about the Residential Leaders’ Camp 2015. And it was AWESOME.

The camp was held from 8-10 May at Loola Resort in Bintan, Indonesia. In it, the Resident Assistants (RAs) and Resident Advisors (RADs) were able to get comfortable with their Residential Life family, learned to solve challenges in groups, and conquered their personal fears (hello, Flying Fox!).

All photos by Lionel Lin, unless specified otherwise.


Deviating from the highly – structured RL camps in the past, RLC 2015 had pockets of free time between adventure tasks and community work. The looser structure allowed participants to hang out and bond during their free periods, as well as reflect without the prodding of facilitators.



Day 1

Quote of the day:
“It’s time for your safety briefing…Make sure not to stand under the coconut trees.”


Literally starting off with a splash: solo and paired banana boats developed our independence and confidence in the water. (Pictured: Andy)


Meanwhile, fighting the currents together in the dragonboat tested our ability to communicate and work in a team. Here is one team taking a break before paddling again!


No room for hesitation for Qinfei: Balancing on this bar that is two storeys high and five inches wide requires supreme concentration…


…and the encouraging words of teammates downstairs!




Climbing the coconut tree is harder than it looks! You need physical and mental endurance to get to the top. Here’s Alex making it look easy!


After working our muscles, it was time to stretch our brains: we were given a math challenge that night, made more difficult by rules restricting normal communication between group members!



Day 2

Quote of the day:
“These children…their futures are uncertain. But people like you can make their day.”


While shuttling from activity to activity, we got to know our teammates and appreciate the passing scenery.

2005-01-05 21.38.38

Faced with near-vertical climbs and slippery slopes, we had to rely on each other for safety. Group mates further along the trail indicated dangerous spots to avoid, and everyone helped assist groupmates who had difficulty doing the trek. | Anna Villarica

2005-01-05 22.48.38

We survived the trek! Celebrating and showing off our “battle scars” – bloodied fingers and scrapes all over. | Anna Villarica


No fear for Terry! We all conquered our fear of heights and the water by jumping off the boat.

2005-01-06 00.17.58

Finding ourselves (and for some people, their soles and shoes!) carried by the currents! | Anna Villarica


Later, it was time to meet the children from a local shelter. Each of the groups prepared fun activities for the kids. Here are some RAs sharing a laugh with the kids between rounds of Captain’s Ball.


Faced with an extra hour after their balloon-sculpting session, the group above had to think on their feet…and conducted a rousing game of Musical Chairs!


The Pandas were a huge hit with the kids!


With Residential Leaders Got Talent that night, the RAs (and RL staff!) were able to show off their talents. Now we know who to approach for dance tips (we’re looking at you, Duc and Huang Xuan)!



Day 3

Quote of the day:
“Thank you for…”


Participants had to use every bit of strength in their body to scale this wall…


…and were rewarded with a refreshing SPLASH at the end of The Flying Fox!


At the camp’s conclusion, participants exchanged hugs and notebooks with messages of gratitude.


And of course, it wouldn’t be a Residential Life event if we didn’t take our trademark fisheye shot!


Anna Villarica

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