Hostel Life 101: 10 Dorm Essentials To Pack

New to campus living and wondering what to bring to your hostel? Moving into a hostel in NUS for the first time can be daunting, especially when you are not quite sure what items to pack. To help you settle in with ease, here is a compiled list of 10 essential items you can consider bringing to your hostel! From storage trolleys to laundry pods, this list of items will come in handy as you transform your room to a home away from home! 


1. Storage Trolleys  

Most rooms have limited space, making it challenging to store your belongings especially if you tend to keep lots of items around. A storage trolley allows you to maximise the room space with its multiple tiers where you can store items such as skincare, haircare and laundry essentials. It not only maximises the use of space, but also allows for easy access when you are using these products every week. The ability to move it around also means that you can easily reconfigure your space.  


Source: IKEA


2. Laundry Pods 

Moving into a hostel means having to do your laundry in a shared laundry room. Depending on your schedule, doing laundry can sometimes take up more time than you expect. Laundry pods eliminate the need to store multiple powders and detergents around, and having to measure them as these pods are already pre-measured. Just pop one into the washing machine and wait for your clothes to be ready! While laundry pods do simplify your laundry routine and save up some space in your room, do also note that they cost more than traditional laundry powder and liquid detergent. 


Source: Honeycombers

3. Shower Basket  

Most rooms do not come with an attached toilet, and that means having to carry all of your toiletries and clothes to the shared toilet. Instead of juggling everything while making your trip to the toilet, bring all of your body soap, shampoo, conditioner etc using a shower basket. A shower basket makes your trip to the shower more convenient and also keeps you from scattering your toiletries all over the room. You can also bring a small waterproof bag to store your towels and clothes and hang it in the shower!  


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Pro tip: Use a shower basket that comes with holes to allow water to seep through! 


4. Shower Slippers 

Wearing shower slippers in the shower helps keep your feet clean and reduces the risk of slipping in the shower. Waterproof slippers that are easy to dry are commonly worn among students who stay in the hostels. Shower slippers also provide essential hygiene in the communal toilets! 


Source: Amazon 


5. Air (De)Humidifier  

Depending on your room’s humidity level, using a dehumidifier or humidifier accordingly can create a comfortable living environment. For most rooms, a dehumidifier helps to prevent mould and odour, whereas for some rooms, a humidifier can help prevent dry skin and irritated sinuses. Some humidifiers can also act as an aroma diffuser, enhancing the fragrance of your room!

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Source: Muji


6. Extension Cord 

There can be a limited number of power outlets in your room and with the number of devices you might have to charge, an extension cord will come in handy. An extension cord provides you with extra plugs and keeps your wires and power setup organised.

Source: PowerPac 


7. Floor Wiper 

Dust and dirt can quickly accumulate on the floor over the weeks and using a mop might not be as convenient given the trip to the toilet with a bulky mop and bucket. Most students instead use a floor wiper that can be used either dry or wet, depending on your preference and needs. A floor wiper is compact and can easily reach into tight corners.

Source: Amazon 


8. Water Jug 

Staying hydrated is extremely important and for most hostels, there are designated areas to fill up your bottles with drinking water. This means that some rooms may be further away from these areas and making multiple trips down to fill up your bottle may be inconvenient. With a water jug, you can reduce the number of trips to the water dispenser and instead have easy access to water.

Source: Tupperware 


9. Insecticide 

If you are not a fan of having insects in your room, an insecticide will be your life saviour. Hostel rooms can often attract various insects depending on your room’s location, so having an insecticide on hand allows you to prevent insects from living in your room. With an insecticide, you can ensure that your room remains pest-free and be able enjoy your stay without the worry of any unwanted visitors.

Source: Baygon 


10. Reusable Containers and Cutleries 

Reusable containers and cutleries will come in handy if you are going to be packing food back to your room frequently. Using your own containers is not only environmentally-friendly, but also saves you money on disposable alternatives that come with a surcharge (usually around $0.30). Additionally, your container will come in handy when your neighbours are sharing extra food! 


Look out for Bring Your Own (BYO) container discounts too! 

And that concludes our list of 10 essentials to pack! This list is not exhaustive, and you will figure out what else you will need as time goes by. More importantly, we hope you will enjoy your stay in NUS! 

Tan Jie Min

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