Renovation Plan

Our Mission

Partner the NUS community to advance scholarship & research

Aligned with our mission, the space transformation will catalyse experiential learning, research, discovery, knowledge creation, and collaboration

Ideation for the renovation works started in the fourth quarter of 2014. The initial scope was defined taking into consideration ideas for improvement and background information such as day-to-day operations of the Library.

Library users were engaged via focus group discussions, surveys, interviews, and observations to gather their feedback and ideas on future facilities and services. A study trip to leading academic libraries overseas was conducted to ensure we are sensitive to global trends. Library staff were also involved in service design and user experience workshops to generate more ideas. By the first quarter of 2017, using all the data gathered, the transformation plan was shaped.

Design Principles

Employ smart building design for environmental sustainability

Facilitate maximum use of space through flexible and adaptive spaces

Use natural lighting wherever possible

Provide mobile furniture to allow users to create their own spaces

Consolidate collections for better environmental control

Provide collaborative and discussion areas equipped with monitors and writable surfaces