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Phase 4

Phase 4 begins on 11 January 2021. The Central Library Level 4 will close on this date until June 2021.

  1. The following services and facilities will be relocated to Level 1, which reopens on 11 Jan 2021:
  2. Vending machines at Perk Point are not available temporarily. Please use the nearest vending machines at Central Library Forum.
  3. Loans services continue to be available via self-borrowing/returning machines found at Level 1 (RBR) and Level 5.
  4. Reserved items when ready can be collected at the new reception desk, Central Library Level 1. Alternatively, the items can be requested to be placed at the BookStation lockers outside the Central Library Level 4.
  5. To enter and exit the library, staff and students are required to tap/scan your NUS Staff/Student Card or NUS Card (downloadable on Apple and Android app store). Please stand behind the line inside the gate area before tapping.
  6. The RBR section will have its own gated access entry and the same entry requirement applies.
  7. Please observe all safety management measures in the library.

Construction noise will be heard periodically. Thank you for your kind understanding as we embark on the final phase of the Central Library space transformation.

Phase 3

Meet our newly renovated floors, designed to suit different learning needs and use. We think it’s really cool but don’t take it from us. We’ll let users tell you what they think!


Phase 3 involved the transformation of Central Library Level 3, 6 and the Chinese Library. Renovation works began in December 2019 and completed in early February 2021. The newly renovated spaces reopened on 18 February 2021.

  • Central Library Level 3 & 6 – Level 3 offers an open concept collaborative space while Level 6 is home to cosy private spaces for quiet studying. Both Levels are fitted with different seating styles to suit different needs
  • Chinese Library – The newly revamped Chinese Library is a sleeker version of its former self. With a fresher and modern new look, it promises an inviting experience for users

Level 3 collaboration space

Level 3 collaborative space

Level 3 collaborative space

Level 3 training room

Level 3 discussion room

Level 6 private study space

Level 6 private study space

Level 6 private study space

Level 6 private study space

Chinese Library study space

Chinese Library study space


Phase 2

Phase 2, which involved Level 5, officially started from 19 May 2019. The renovated space received the official Temporary Occupation Permit in early January 2020 and opened on 13 January 2020.

In addition to more seats for studying and reading, users can look forward to these revamped spaces that feature a contemporary, open-space and interactive design concept:

  • Chinese-SEA Collection
  • Open Shelves Area relocated from Central Library Level 3
  • Singapore-Malaysia Collection in the Peggy Wai Chee Leong-Hochstadt Room


Fully furnished study/reading area

Open space

Cosy nook

More study/reading space

Open shelves

Chinese-SEA Collection

Study area within Chinese-SEA Collection

Level 5 study/reading area during TOP

Open floor during TOP

Level 5 connecting staircase during TOP

Level 5/6 during TOP

Phase 1

First phase of the Central Library renovation kicked off in June 2018. It involved an approximate 10 months of renovation focusing on Levels 1 and 2. The completed levels received the official Temporary Occupation Permit in August 2019.

After 18 months of extensive work, Level 1 finally opened its doors on 9 January 2020. Previously home to part of the NUS Co-op, a plant room and library storage area, Level 1 has been repurposed into a space to promote discovery, interaction and collaboration.

The completely new, versatile and multi-purpose Level 1 offers:

  • Learning spaces with flexible mobile furniture
  • Exhibition space to showcase both academic and cultural works
  • Enclosed multi-function learning space serving as temporary TEL Imaginarium and Digital Scholarship Lab
  • A spacious RBR collection

It is also connected to the refreshed Co-op and MAXX Coffee.

Different areas cater to different needs, whether it is for relaxation, hang out, learning or social interaction. Employing an open concept design, the space offers plenty of natural light and connectedness with its surroundings.

To get to Co-op, please enter through the side entrance (near MAXX Coffee) from 9am – 6pm (Mon – Fri).


Mobile furniture

Exhibition space

Lounge sofa near the entrances

More flexible. mobile furniture ft multi-function learning space in the background

RBR space

NUS Co-op

MAXX Coffee

Level 1 facade during TOP

Level 1 interior, near main entrances during TOP

Level 1 interior during TOP

Level 1 floor space during TOP

Level 1 floor space during TOP

Cafe interior during TOP

Cafe exterior during TOP

Level 2 during TOP (not open to public)