Publication of the Month: March 2018

Political Communication and Mobilisation: The Hindi Media in India
Taberez  A. Neyazi
Cambridge University Press

political communication and mobilisation: the hindi media in india

This book provides a fresh perspective on the importance of the Hindi media in India’s political, social and economic transformation with evidence from the countryside and the cities. Accessed by more than 40 percent of the public, it continues to play an important role in building political awareness and mobilising public opinion.

Instead of viewing the media as a singular entity, this book highlights its diversity and complexity to understand the changing dynamics of political communication that is shaped by the interactions between the news media, political parties and the public, and how various media forms are being used in a rapidly transforming environment.

The book offers insights into how print, television, and digital media work together with, rather than in isolation from, one another to grasp the complexities of the emerging hybrid media environment and the future of mobilisation.

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Neyazi T. A. Political Communication and Mobilisation: The Hindi Media in India (Cambridge University Press, 2018).

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