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Recent Additions

2015 Onwards


Exploring “Literary” Devices for Poetic Interactivity
Alex Mitchell (NUS Communications and New Media)

Understanding Repeat Engagement with Dynamically Changing Computational Media
Alex Mitchell (NUS Communications and New Media)

Re-reading the Monstrous-Feminine: Art, Film, Feminism and Psychoanalysis  Audrey Yue (NUS Department of Communications and New Media)


North China as Part of the Inner Asian System, 10th-15th Centuries
Ong Chang Woei (NUS Chinese Studies), Koh Khee Heong (NUS Chinese Studies), Wang Jinping (NUS History), and Sng Tuan Hwee (NUS Economics)

Predatory Value Extraction: How the Looting of the Business Corporation Became the US Norm and How Sustainable Prosperity Can Be Restored
William Lazonick and Shin Jang-Sup (NUS Economics)


Workshop on Material Religion and Popular Culture in Asia
John-Whalen Bridge (NUS Department of English Language and Literature) 


Realities and Aspirations for Asian Youth: Education, Training, Employment
Tracey Skelton (NUS Geography) and Suzanne Naafs


The Superhero Symbol: Media, Culture, and Politics
Ian Gordon (NUS History)


Japanese Media and Popular Culture
Chris McMorran (NUS Japanese Studies) and Deborah Shamoon (NUS Japanese Studies)


New Perspectives on the Development of Communicative and Related Competence in Foreign Language Education
Izumi Walker (NUS Centre for Language Studies), Daniel Kwang Guan Chan, Masanori Nagami, and Claire Bourguignon


Muslim Cosmopolitanism
Khairudin Aljunied (NUS Department of Malay Studies)


Humean Nature: How desire explains action, thought, and feeling
Neil Sinhababu (NUS Philosophy)


Michael Oakshott and 20th-Century Thought
Terry Nardin (Ed.) (NUS Department of Political Science)


Prospective Evaluation of Emotional Distress, Treatment Adherence and Quality of Life in Diabetes Mellitus: An Extension Study
Konstadina Griva (NUS Department of Psychology)


The Auditory English Lexicon Project
Winston D. Goh (NUS Department of Psychology) and Melvin J. Yap (NUS Department of Psychology)


Medical Social Work in Singapore: Context and Practice
Lee Geok Ling (NUS Social Work) and Goh Soon Noi


Student Mobilities and International Education in Asia: Emotional Geographies of Knowledge Spaces
Ravinder K. Sidhu, Ho Kong Chong (NUS Sociology), and Brenda S. A. Yeoh (NUS Geography)


The Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora
Brij Lal, Peter Reeves, and Rajesh Rai (NUS South Asian Studies)


Cina Timor: Baba, Hakka, and Cantonese in the Making of Timor-Leste
Douglas Kammen (NUS Southeast Asian Studies) and Jonathan Chen

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