A Day of Birdwatching and Tree Planting

We were up really early yesterday at around 4am to go birdwatching at the Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape! Armed with our binoculars, we trekked through the dense vegetation and along the rather treacherous Oriole trail. It was difficult spotting birds when we had to keep our eyes peeled to the ground at the same time to make sure we didn’t trip over rocks or slip on moss. We heard several bird calls (including that of a cuckoo) and spotted a few flying past us. It was so much more challenging noticing birds in this forest compared to back in Singapore’s Bukit Timah Nature Reserve where the forest is less dense! Along the way we also collected seeds for sowing later. The steep rocky descent down the hill was tough, BUT ALL OF US MADE IT!


Afterwards, we went to collect wildlings at the Rainforestation site near the Bohol Biodiversity Complex. It was heartening to see the class collect the different species of native tree saplings despite the fact that most of us were clueless as to which species we were searching for. The fun part continued after lunch, when we went to plant the wildings we collected in bagged soil. In the late morning, we were each given the opportunity to plant our very own tree! It probably was the first time for many of us and although we were exhausted after the activity, the sense of achievement we felt after planting was priceless.

As we reach the end of our trip to Bohol, we hope that everyone will continue to have fun and enjoy their remaining time here!

Cheers, from Group 3 (Sarah Seo, Xue Qin, Jolene, Edrea, Jia Wei, Maria)!

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