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These are some screenshots of the conversations I had recently. It seems that more and more people are turning towards online shopping. This comes as no surprise, considering the greater convenience, ease, and plethora of options available online. A few clicks on our mobile phones and parcels get delivered straight […]

The Future of Food

A Singaporean company created special Siu-mai (Chinese Prawn Dumpling) going for SGD$5,000 for only 8 pieces. As much as I love the prawn-filled dimsum (Cantonese side dish), I would not want to pay SGD$5,000 when other brands of Siu-Mai are available at supermarkets for under SGD$5. So why are these […]


Frankenstein. I believe that many of us are familiar with the 1818 novel by Mary Shelley, illustrating the scientist Frankenstein creating a living creature from non-living parts. The creature in the story has been described as a monster and unnatural. Nowadays, this word is being associated with another invention – […]

Our Throwaway Culture

Hello friends! Welcome back! 😊 In my last post, I discussed the importance of recycling and proper disposal of e-waste. However, in combating the issue of e-waste, I believe that recycling should not be our only solution. We must first tackle the root cause of the problem – the rising […]

The e-Waste Problem

e-Waste is defined by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) as discarded electronic products, which consists of all products that require an energy source in the form of battery or power sockets. Take a look around! At the end of their lifespan, many of these appliances that we see around us […]