NUS-Series Porous Materials

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2014-07-24_Group Dinner

2015-02-07_Group BBQ

2015-06-23_Group Photo

2015-12-04_Group Photo

2016-03-19_Group BBQ

2016-04-13_PhD Oral Defense of Zhigang

2016-07-11_NUS 2016 Commencement

2016-07-22_Visit of Prof Hong-Cai Joe Zhou

2016-12-03_Group Photo

2017-04-15_Farewell Party for Xuerui

2017-12-30_Group Hiking

2018-05-15_University Awards Ceremony

2018-08-29_Farewell Party for Tanay

2018-11-24_Group BBQ

2019-01-19_Warm-up for Lab Relocation

2019-02-23_Group Photo

2019-07-15_NUS 2019 Commencement

2019-08-24_Group Photo

2019-12-14_Group Dinner

2019-12-18_Visit of Prof Susumu Kitagawa

2022-07-13_NUS 2022 Commencement

2022-12-17_Group Hiking

2023-04-05_PhD Oral Defense of Shing Bo

2023-07-05_Group Photo

2023-10-17_PhD Oral Defense of Yunchuan

2023-10-30_PhD Oral Defense of Ziqi