T2D (Nature 2020)

We carried out GWAS meta-analysis (imputed to 1000G Phase 3) for type 2 diabetes in up to 433,540 East Asians. Each contributing study performed study-specific sample and variant quality control. Within each study, all variants were tested for association with T2D assuming an additive model of inheritance within a regression framework (FIRTH, mach2dat, BLOT-LMM), including age, sex, and other study-specific covariates. Additional models were performed adjusting for BMI (total N ≤278,712). We then carried out fixed-effects inverse-variance weighted meta-analysis as implemented in METAL. 

The files below contain association summary statistics for the AGEN T2D meta-analysis of 23 studies.

Each file contains the following information:

  1. MarkerName: Chr:pos_ref/alt
  2. Chrpos: Chr:pos
  3. Chr: Chromosome
  4. Pos: Position (hg19)
  5. EA: Effect allele
  6. NEA: Other allele
  7. EAF: Effect allele frequency
  8. Neff: Effective sample size
  9. Beta: Effect estimate
  10. SE: Standard error of effect estimate
  11. P: P-value

Maximal sample size = 433,540

Maximal sample size = 278,712

Please refer any queries to Dr Xueling Sim (ephsx@nus.edu.sg)