Welcome to Wu’s Research Group!

(Yingzhe Zheng, Jaswin Tan, Cui Wang, Dr. Cheng Hu, Dr. Pravin P S, Prof. Zhe Wu – PI)


Our research group focuses on the design and implementation of novel machine-learning-based control and optimization algorithms to solve problems of important industrial considerations, including production profitability, process operational safety and cybersecurity.  Our objective is to integrate artificial intelligence, chemical engineering, optimization and control theory to address key theoretical and practical challenges associated with chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries and energy systems.



We are actively seeking future postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, visiting students, and undergraduate students. Ideal candidates will have a strong background in process modeling, control, optimization, and familiar with at least one coding language. Students with a major in Control Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Automation, Systems Engineering, Computer Science or Applied Mathematics are encouraged to apply. Please email your CV to wuzhe@nus.edu.sg. In your email, please highlight relevant experiences and background in the process systems engineering and/or machine learning areas.

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