Videos and documentaries

Singapore student’s video about antibiotic resistance (won US$250,000 scholarship from Mark Zuckerberg foundation)



The Evolution of Bacteria on a “Mega-Plate” Petri Dish Live demonstration of how bacteria develop antimicrobial resistance against antibiotics. Experiment and video by the Kishony Lab at Harvard Medical School and Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Resistance (2011) (also available on Netflix)
Official Selection at the 2015 Environmental Film Festival, Michael Graziano’s documentary takes a critical look at how overuse of antibiotics has led to the squandering of this invaluable medical resource

Rise of the Superbugs (2012)
A documentary by Geoff Thompson and Mary Ann Jolley for ABC Australia that explores the role of travel and medical tourism in the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and reports on tuberculosis control in Papua New Guinea

Bacteria and antibiotics: Revenge of the microbes (2015)

Jennifer Rohn’s Royal Institution Friday Evening Discourse, with some fascinating and accessible insights into the biology of bacteria, bacterial adaptation, and the problem of resistance

Antibiotic Resistance Documentary from ABC TV’s Catalyst

The Trouble with Antibiotics (2014) A documentary by PBS Frontline

Antibiotics in poultry production (2015) A lecture by Prof Mark Cook at University of Washington, Madison, on the use of antibiotics in poultry production

Catch (2016)
A Kickstarter-funded film set in a post-antibiotic world. Set for release in 2016 by BorderPoint films. Follow @catchfilm2016

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