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7-15 seconds. That’s the recommended length of an idea reel, as suggested by Mireia Boronat, Senior Content Marketing Executive at the Social Shepherd. With the rise of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, long-form video content may have lost its allure for many in the audience. An oft-cited statistic is that humans have an attention span of 8 seconds, even shorter than that of a goldfish. Interestingly, this number has been debunked as nothing more than an extrapolation made out of context. However, what science does show is that immersive storytelling holds the secret to capturing the human imagination 

While short-form video content is more accessible (at the flick of a finger on your Instagram app), and more addictive (switch to the next video by a single swipe), perhaps demanding less intentionality while watching, can they really beat the charm of an old-school YouTube vlog? The familiar “Hey guys, welcome back to the channel,” has a well-worn warmth to it. And with that, we present to you some YouTube storytellers in the realm of university content for you to enjoy while slurping down cup noodles during the school week.  


1. Charlene Yap 

A still from one of Charlene’s videos titled ‘finals week at NUS | studying for 4 finals, lots of coffee, exam study tips’. 


Charlene is a current NUS undergraduate student. She documents her life through silent vlogs that are accompanied by soothing background music and slow visuals. From her life as a university student to her travels, Charlene’s vlogs share her insights in a short and sweet manner. A perfect channel to pop by if you are looking for something more relaxing.  


2. Zhishinn 

Valentine’s Day celebrations at Raffles Hall shared by Zhi Shin in her vlog titled ‘6AM UNI VLOG📚 | NUS open day, hall life, valentine’s day!💗’. 


Zhi Shin is a Business student now in her final semester at NUS. An international student from Malaysia, Zhi Shin shares her days as a university student through her YouTube vlogs. They are uplifting and lighthearted, sprinkled with Zhi Shin’s bubbly personality. The videos are subtitled in English for non-Chinese speakers. If you are looking to find out what the day-to-day affair of an NUS undergraduate looks like, do check out her channel! 


3. Daniel Tamago 

A still taken from Daniel’s tour of study spots in NUS, a collaboration between him and NUS.  


Perhaps a household name in NUS, Daniel Tamago is a former student turned entrepreneur. While his newer vlogs focus on his life journey, scroll down a little bit and you will come across videos taken during his university days. Packed with energy and Daniel’s infectious personality, his vlogs take you through not only his daily routine but also his tips on productivity and personal growth. Head over to his channel to find out more! 


4. Nicole Bernadette 

Nicole in Vietnam during her NUS Overseas College (NOC) experience, taken from her video titled ‘My NUS Overseas College Experience | NOC Ho Chi Minh’. 


Nicole is a recent graduate from NUS. She shares small tidbits of her life through her video journals on YouTube. Her videos focus on inner growth and takes viewers through her various seasons of life. Narrated in her soothing voice, Nicole’s vlogs are the perfect watch for those who are looking to end their evenings with warmth and positive notes. 


5. Jia Yee 

A scene from Jia Yee’s first month at NUS vlog where she attends the NUS Student Life Fair 


The excitement of starting university is unparalleled. Heading to your first lecture, exploring campus, finding your favourite study spot, and the list is endless. Jia Yee is a freshman at NUS and her vlogs take viewers through her experiences as a newcomer to NUS. We look forward to seeing more from her! 


NUS has a wealth of creatives who put out wonderful pieces of content for the student community here. They come from all walks of life and reflect the vibrant student life at NUS. We hope this article introduced you to some of them (and there are many more). Go show them some love and support 🤗. Happy watching! 


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