Purpose of this blog

Of utmost priority to me, as Provost of the NUS, is how our university can provide the best experience, both educational and non-curricular, and environment that nurtures each student to his fullest potential. Over the years, NUS has expanded its educational offerings by introducing many interesting options and differentiated academic pathways that our students can pursue. Many students today will have the chance to participate in overseas exposure programmes; some students will have the opportunity to pursue an entrepreneurial stinct; yet others, may elect to partake in residential college living and learning. On reflection, many of these opportunities were not available just ten years back.

And so, the NUS has progressed, and some would say, we have been progressing well. The NUS has been growing in international standing and repute, and we’ve been performing well in the major international university rankings. We are consistently regarded as one of Asia’s top universities, and are placed within the top 50 universities globally.

Yet, we are not a perfect place. There is so much more we can do, to make the university a better place, and one that our students, staff, and Singaporeans at large, can be proud of. How can we improve on the education we deliver to our students? How do we provide a better and more enriching experience for our students? How can we foster a deep sense of belonging and pride, and how can we strengthen the NUS community?

This is precisely what motivates me to embark on this blog – I would like to invite students and interested stakeholders to engage with me in this journey. From time to time, I will be sharing my thoughts on initiatives that NUS can embark on, and I would welcome your feedback and suggestions, so that we can work collectively to sharpen and refine the proposals. I hope too, that this will serve as a channel for students and staff to share your views, reflections and hopes for the university.


  1. yesterday Professor Tan Tai Yong was at a feedback session, and at one point he said, well you know it’s hard for us to know what students concerns from our office at University Hall, so I said to him “Start a blog!” He had a humorous look of horror on his face. Haha. Kudos to you sir for starting this blog sir!

  2. I am wondering — where exactly should we submitted our comments? If the Provost makes a post about a particular topic, we have a chance to submit comments. However, where should we post our concerns about various other issues?

    Thanks very much, Jacob

  3. Hello Prof,

    Is there a guideline for lecturers as to how long they are suppose to take? I have had back to back lectures where the lecturers go up to the 50-55th minute of the hour therefore making it impossible to be on time for the next lecture. What’s even better, the lecturer insist that they should start on time at the hour mark. This is a common problem faced by students and I would just like to know whether anything has been put in place to govern our lecture times.


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