Before we begin

I think it would be good for me to explain upfront how I plan to communicate through this blog. For a start, I would like to keep the interaction as open as possible, for ideas and discussions to flourish. To uphold constructive discussions and engagements, I would like to appeal to everyone to maintain an air of professionalism and gentlemanly discourse. Let’s tackle and debate vigorously and robustly, to better our understanding of the issues at hand. Our intent is to share, listen, and to be mutually enriched. Feel free to be candid and persuasive, but please refrain from expletives and personal or political attacks.

Your views are important, and I will make time to read them thoroughly. I hope to be able to resolve as many issues as expeditiously as possible. But, I may not be able to accede to every request made, nor is the university in a position to implement every good suggestion immediately. Do take heart that your suggestions are nonetheless valuable inputs – they will be carefully reviewed and considered, and surfaced to Deans and the NUS Management.

At this moment, the blog allows anonymous postings; this may have to change if anonymous careless comments become rife. I would however also like to encourage attributable postings, as the very action of ownership, I believe, provokes thoughtfulness. One of my staff will be serving as administrator and moderator of this blog, and she can be reached at We will be screening comments and will endeavour to screen them promptly. If the blog traffic is high, we will put in more resources, but in the meantime, we seek your patience and understanding.  I would like to assure you that we will be liberal in our approach; the screening is really to filter out comments that are sales pitches or irrelevant; we will not be editing comments.


  1. NUS is an outstanding institution in many ways, but (I perceive) the lack of student engagement and involvement in University and Departmental decision-making remains a clear weakness. As such, I am very thankful for this new forum and appreciate that the Provost is welcoming constructive debate. NUS can only benefit from increased student ownership and engagement.

  2. Hi,

    I am not sure where the actual main discussion blog is so I would just post my comment here for the time being.

    In view of the opening of Circle Line on 8 of Oct, would NUS be able to increase the internal shuttle Bus services [mainly BUS A1]?

    The main reason is that students from the Engineering faculty are able to utilize the Circle line to get to NUS [in a really short time as compared to any other form of transportation means] and then get to the other side of the campus for our lessons punctually.

    Currently, only bus 95 serves at bus stop; which is understandable as NOW as the station is not in operation and there is no need for any shuttle bus to make a stop there. However, after the opening of circle line, the bus stop would then serve its purpose.

    In addition, the walk from that particular bus stop to the science faculty where we can take NUS Shuttle BUS A1/C/D is really very far. Seriously, it is very far.

    I do hope NUS could work something out like how the Utown Shuttle bus D service was increased to better served the students residing at Utown.

    Thank you

  3. There are two bus lines plying pass the MRT Station, and you would have received OED’s announcement last Saturday. We will monitor the flow and make appropriate adjustments.

  4. Hi, is there a channel for me to provide constructive feedback about the faculty’s administrative office ? I am a student from ALCNS.

  5. Can i feedback on the shuttle bus frequency in the morning?
    I think it can be increased as during peak hours, students are often unable to board for the bus and they have to wait for the next one, which sometimes take about 15 minutes to come.

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