To M(eat) or not to m(eat)? (Video)

The aim of the project video is to expose people to Norcross’ argument and the counter argument, especially targeting lay audiences who do not have prior philosophical knowledge and mindsets. The proponent stated is mainly based on Lomasky’s argument against Norcross’ argument, to which we’ve simplified into a light-hearted video for better understanding


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Understanding Deontology & Consequentialism: A Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) exclusive (Poster)


We aim to edutain the lay young adult on 2 fundamental concepts of virtue ethics, deontology and consequentialism. We illustrated this utilizing a moral dilemma scene from the very popular Korean drama series, Descendants of the Sun (DOTS), so as to make it relatable and interestingly understandable.


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Peanuts featuring Factory-farmed Food (Comics)


Our group aims to entertain and educate the general public about the consumption of factory-farmed meat through a series of Peanuts comic strips. Leveraging on Norcross’ Utilitarian Argument, we attempt to persuade meat-lovers, through humour, to stop consuming factory-farmed meat since it brings more misery than happiness altogether.


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Gamified Pokémon flow chart for discovery of the various ethical theories (Poster)

PowerPoint Presentation

The aim is to educate the target audience of NUS students on the various ethical theories and discovering the ethical theory they subscribe to. As most grew up with Pokémon, a game setting of Pokémon theme was chosen to attract their attention and facilitate the completion of the questionnaire.


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The Tunnel Problem & The Ethics of Self-Driving Cars (Video)

Our video describes the Tunnel Problem, a modern interpretation of the Trolley Problem where self-driving cars have to choose between protecting passengers or pedestrians in an emergency. We aimed to spark an interest about this ethical and moral debate among a lay audience.


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The Problem of Evil (Video)

Our group uses popular mobile application Snapchat to create our version of a typical personality test, thus exploring the (co-)existence of God and Evil in a fun and quirky way. If an omnibenevolent (totally good) and omniscient (all-seeing) God exists, would it be possible for Evil to exist?

Note: Videos are best viewed on a desktop/PC/laptop browser, otherwise the links to the choices will not appear in the videos. However, if you do use your mobile to view our videos, you may scroll down to the video description for the link to the next video, which depends on the choice you make.


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