Deontologist Professor Loses It (Video)

An inter-university philosophy competition is approaching, and Prof Loy is looking for capable students to represent the Philosophy Department. After learning that his students have passed his most difficult quiz, he is optimistic of their performance in the competition. However, his TAs make a major revelation. Watch how Prof Loy, a deontologist, reacts and how his TAs use hedonic utilitarianism to defend their students!


  • Oon Qian Chern – Script, Feedback on Video
  • Seo Yeryeon – Script, Feedback on Video
  • Subramaniam Jayavelu – Script, Feedback on Video
  • Wu Hong – Script, Video Editing
  • Zhuang Xunheng – Script, Feedback on Video” “Movie clip from Downfall (2004), with added subtitles and graphics.


  • Eichinger, B. (Producer), & Hirschbiegel, O. (Director). (2004). Downfall [Motion picture]. Germany: Constantin Film.

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