2018 Field Studies Application open

Theme: “Heritage and Tourism”

How is heritage defined? Who decides what is preserved and remembered? How is heritage packaged for tourist consumption? What controversies and possibilities surround the future of heritage in Japan?

Heritage is a vital concept for understanding Japan, with UNESCO adding Mt. Fuji, Japanese cuisine, and float festivals to its list of World Heritage. This theme is particularly timely in recent years, with UNESCO’s potential addition of sites related to Japan’s so-called “hidden Christians” and Martin Scorcese’s film on the topic, “Silence.” Such events bring new attention to questions about what is forgotten and remembered in the past, preserved in the present, and enjoyed in the future

This module will investigate the interface of heritage and tourism in Japan and what role they play in the construction of local and national identity. Join this unique chance to study about Japan in Japan!

Please join this unique chance to study about Japan in Japan!


May 14-17 Coursework at NUS
May 18-28 Study in Japan

The module begins with classes at NUS, where we will learn about heritage, tourism, Japan’s so-called “hidden Christians,” and qualitative research methods.

Then we will travel to Kyushu, where we will speak with locals and visit locations where heritage and tourism are relevant, including Fukuoka, the  Aso region, Kumamoto City, and Amakusa. Students will experience a farmstay, hot springs, and  hiking, and they will conduct research at sites of historical and natural importance.


Application – JS FlyerApp2018-2a7yf5e

In order to learn more about eligibility and costs, please read the FAQs about the program. Contact Dr. McMorran for an application (mcmorran@nus.edu.sg), and submit your application (including transcripts) by 2 Feb at 5:00pm.

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