About the research

Research on The Ecology and Conservation of the Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) in Singapore will study various aspects of the ecology of leopard cats in Pulau Tekong and the possible population in the central and western catchment areas, including population size, habitat use, diet and genetic variation. It aims to shed more information on the biology of this nationally threatened species and contribute to conservation efforts of Singapore’s last wild cat.

This project is supervised by Prof Peter Ng and Mr N. Sivasothi of the National University of Singapore and funded by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund.



  • Hi, I was cycling at Lower Pierce reservoir, on Old Upper thompson Road and I saw something that looked like a cat running away from me into the Jungle. This was last Friday at about 6:30 am so I know it would be hard to confirm due to the light and fact I didn’t have a chance to take a picture, but it did look bigger than a house cat so I was wondering if there was a chance it could be a leopard cat?
    Kind regards

    Neil Dawes

    • Dear Neil, that is an interesting sighting. Unfortunately, without a photo or more details, it is difficult to ascertain if what you saw was a leopard cat. There is a chance that it may have been a common palm civet (Paradoxurus musanga).

  • Thanks, I’m sure you are right. As I’ve never seen a civet before its just as exciting!

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