Militarism and the environment

  Hello everyone! Last week, I talked about violence, its effect on the environment and the perverted sense of justice it represents. Today, I’d like to talk about a concept that is very much related to this. Specifically, I’d like to touch on militarism, and how it affects our environment.     Militarism is the […]

The wrong type of Justice.

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well.     It’s the month of Halloween, which means all sorts of scary themes are now in fashion, and I thought I’d talk about one that came up during the ENV1101 lectures and tutorials. Recently, we learnt about the human impacts of environmental degradation, one of which […]

Endowment and Environment

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is coping well with midterms. It is during these trying times that the itch to start shopping resurfaces and my temptation to scratch it explodes!   That said, I was curious to find the origin of this itch. Sure, there are external forces exacerbating this; the aforementioned academic stress and aggressive […]

An Introduction!

Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Joseph Wee and I am a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS).  As you can probably tell from my blog’s background, I have a rather quirky hobby, that is, action figure collecting!!   Toys…really?   Yes, it is […]