The GRP-CARE Survey is a joint research initiative of the Gerontological Research Programme (GRP), Department of Psychological Medicine, YLLSoM, NUS and Centre for Ageing Research in the Environment (CARE), SDE, NUS to facilitate community-based interventions toward healthy ageing in place. It was funded by the Department of Psychological Medicine and the MOE Academic Research Fund (Tier 1) administered by the School of Design and Environment, NUS in 2018. We thank all 601 respondents who provided valuable data during the GRP-CARE Survey in 2018.

Researchers and students may request non-identifiable geocoded data for their research projects. Data was collected in three phases, namely one person per block in Part 1, and multiple persons per block in Part 2 and 3. Please see available data below. GIS data are also available.

To ensure that results can be independently replicated and to avoid repetition of analyses, requestors are to:

  1. Submit the Data Request Form to By submitting, the requestor agrees to keep the data as confidential, and update quarterly until submission of manuscript.
  2. The proposal will be reviewed by representative(s) of GRP, YLLSoM and/or CARE, SDE, NUS:
  • Associate Professor Ng Tze Pin
  • Associate Professor Fung John Chye
  • Associate Professor Cho Im Sik
  • Dr. Daniel R. Y. Gan
  1. Upon approval(s) of the proposal, including IRB approval (if applicable), the requestor may begin analysis of the provided data and write a manuscript. During this period, quarterly update of the progress of the research may be requested.
  2. Before submitting the manuscript to a journal, the requestor should:
    1. have a co-author (generally the second author) conduct a technical review of the manuscript to check for consistency. E.g., Are the ranges of variables consistent with other publications using the GRP-CARE data? Are the results accurately copied into the manuscript? ;
    2. provide descriptions in your code that clarify the different steps of the analysis to an independent investigator; and finally,
    3. submit for review by a representative of GRP, YLLSoM and/or CARE, SDE, NUS:
      1. the manuscript (including title, authors, and proposed journal); and
      2. the statistical program code.

Training Opportunities

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Introductions to statistical analyses for beginners are available here:

    1. A simple introduction to Stepwise Regression Analysis to Identify Mediating Variables using Stata
    2. A simple introduction to Structural Equation Modelling using Stata: A psychosocioecological approach