Infectious Disease Surveillance, Transmission, and Control

Infectious diseases pose great threats to society over the entire human history. Emerging infectious viruses, such as COVID-19, Dengue, have been exacerbated by population growth and environment change seen in contemporary society. It requires interdisciplinary collaboration to facilitate near real-time infectious disease surveillance, transmission, and control. This project aims to apply a series of analytical modeling such as epidemic modeling, spatiotemporal statistics, and machine learning/AI to infectious diseases include but not limited to COVID-19, Dengue, and Influenza. Under this topic, we have several ongoing directions:

Vector-borne diseases and Climate Change

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Epidemic Modeling

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Spatiotemporal Statistics

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Social Media

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International Trade and Supply Chain

International trade reshapes the world and it also suffers a lot of challenges such as supply chain disruption, deglobalization, and food and energy security. This project aims to evaluate strengths and vulnerabilities of international trade and supply chain networks in the diverse crises (i.e., COVID-19, deglobalization) to understand the global production resilience and prepare for the future crisis. Under this topic, we have several ongoing directions:

Trade networks with ML and AL

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Environmental Impacts (i.e., COVID-19) on trade networks

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Geopolitical Impacts (i.e., US-China Trade War) on trade networks