Publication of the Month: December 2021

Buying Time for Climate Action: Exploring Ways around Stumbling Blocks

Edited by Jan Wouter Vasbinder and Jonathan Y. H. Sim
World Scientific


The 2021 IPCC report made one thing crystal clear — global climate change is here to stay. Time is up. We need to act or climate change will lead to inconceivable suffering by billions of people.

Buying Time for Climate Action is the combined narrative of world class experts, all committed to help humanity survive its largely self-induced destructive course. Changing that course requires urgent action. Determining which actions will lead to helpful change requires insights into the stumbling blocks that always emerge when actions aimed at change are planned, resulting in lost time. The experts who contributed to this volume, through their expertise, networks, wisdom and creativity, have largely concluded that the way to cope with the stumbling blocks is to avoid them by focusing on grassroots initiatives. Their narratives and discussions, presented in this book, highlight such thinking.

The book is essential reading for anyone committed to help avoid an existential disaster for humanity, and ready to move plans into effective action.

buying time for climate action

Jan Wouter Vasbinder and Jonathan Y H Sim (Eds.). Buying Time for Climate Action: Exploring Ways around Stumbling Blocks. World Scientific. 

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