Cloud Services

Please note that the availability and maintenance schedule of cloud services are beyond CIT’s control.

These include the following:

  • Blog.nus | CampusPress
  • Canvas
  • ExamSoft
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Turnitin & iThenticate
  • Web Conferencing | Zoom
  • Web Lecture & MediaWeb | Panopto

The service status links of these cloud services are available on the sidebar.

Where possible, we have also displayed the tweets/rss feeds of the status of various services on the sidebar too. Do note that these are not exhaustive.

If you use these services intensively, CIT recommends that you subscribe to the various service status updates on the respective sites so that you are kept up to date on their service status.

Finally, please note that even though Canvas is a gateway to some of these cloud services e.g. Turnitin, MediaWeb & Web Lectures and it appears that the content is within Canvas, the submission pages (for Turnitin), videos (for MediaWeb and Web Lectures) and web conference meetings (for Zoom) are hosted on the respective service providers’ sites. CIT is not able to troubleshoot/rectify issues that occur within their sites.