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Book Chapters

  • *Ghosh P, Cheung YK, and Chakraborty B (2016). Sample size calculations for clustered SMART designs. In MR Kosorok and EEM Moodie (Eds.), Adaptive Treatment Strategies in Practice: Planning Trials and Analyzing Data for Personalized Medicine, ASA-SIAM (American Statistical Association – Society for Industrial Mathematics), 55-70.

  • Chakraborty B and *Ghosh P (2021). Factorial designs. In Kim K, Bretz F, Cheung YK and Hampson LV (Eds.), Handbook of Statistical Methods for Randomized Controlled Trials, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 163-185.

  • *Deliu N and Chakraborty B (2022). Dynamic treatment regimes for optimizing healthcare. In Chen X, Jasin S and Shi C (Eds.), The Elements of Joint Learning and Optimization in Operations Management, Springer.

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