Q: Who can become a member?

A: AAPS-NUS Student Chapter membership is open to all undergraduates, postgraduates and postdoctoral scholars in Singapore and other countries.


Q: How much is the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter membership application fee?

A: Membership is complimentary and is subjected to renewal on a yearly basis.


Q: Can I become a member of the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter if I am not a member of AAPS?



Q: If I am a member of the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter, am I automatically a member of AAPS?

A: No. Membership applications to these two organizations are to be made separately. Please note that the AAPS and the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter are separate organizations and membership in the former does not confer automatic membership to the later and vice versa.


Q: How can I obtain a complimentary AAPS membership?

A: If you are a first-time registrant applying for AAPS membership, you can apply for AAPS memberships funded by Cardinal Health. You can join AAPS-NUS Student Chapter and compete for them.


Q: How can I apply for AAPS memberships funded by Cardinal Health?

A: Please follow the procedures stated on the second paragraph of this page.


Q: How can I compete for complimentary AAPS memberships provided by AAPS-NUS Student Chapter?

A: Please follow the procedures stated on the third paragraph of this page.


Q: Can I run for office if I am not a member of the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter?

A: No. Office bearers must first become members of the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter.


Q: How can I form an AAPS Student Chapter?

A: Please refer to these slides.