About Us and Policies

Information about the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) – National University of Singapore (NUS) Student Chapter is a non-profit student organization that was set up in 2005. The AAPS-NUS Student Chapter aims to facilitate local student participation in the activities of AAPS and increase student awareness of career opportunities and latest advances and discoveries in the pharmaceutical sciences, as well as provide interested students in the pharmaceutical sciences with opportunities for professional and leadership development.

All majors in pharmacy, pharmacology, biochemistry, biology, bioengineering and other life sciences are welcome to join the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter. The AAPS-NUS Student Chapter membership is open to students and postdoctoral scholars in Singapore and other countries.

  1. Increase student participation in the activities of AAPS at the local regional & national levels
  2. Increase student awareness of career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sciences;
  3. Increase student awareness of the latest advances & discoveries in the pharmaceutical sciences;
  4. Provide educational opportunities for students in the pharmaceutical sciences to learn about all aspects of drug development;
  5. Provide students in the pharmaceutical sciences with opportunities for professional advancement & leadership development; and
  6. Foster participation in outreach activities that further the goals and objectives of AAPS.

Policies of the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter

  1. AAPS-NUS Student Chapter will comply with the bylaws, policies, and procedures of AAPS and NUS.
  2. The officers of the student chapter shall be a Chair, Chair-elect, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. These individuals shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Student Chapter.  All officers must be members in good standing of AAPS.  The elected officers of the chapter will select a Faculty Advisor to serve on board.  The Faculty Advisor must be an AAPS member and will be responsible for reviewing the annual report of the chapter.
  3. The term of office for all officers shall be one year. At the end of his or her term, the Chair-elect shall assume the office of the Chair; and the Vice Chair shall assume the office of Chair-elect. The members shall elect a new Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer each year.
  4. After serving as Chair, a member may not be eligible for nomination, as Vice Chair until three years after his or her term as past Chair has expired. If a vacancy in an office occurs, the Executive Committee may appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term of that office.
  5. Nominations and election of officers are to be held each year.  Nominee must be an APPS member and the Student Chapter member.  A Student Chapter committee shall develop a slate of nominees for each elective office and notify AAPS of the slate. The Student Chapter Executive Committee shall then submit the names to the members of the Student Chapter for voting.  Each member can only cast one vote for one candidate.
  6. A candidate receiving the majority of votes shall be elected. If three or more candidates contend for one office, one candidate must receive more than 50% of the votes cast in order to be elected. If no candidate receives a majority, there shall be a runoff of the top two candidates. The AAPS shall be notified of the newly elected officers and their terms of office within 30 days of the election.
  7. AAPS-NUS Student Chapter Executive Committee organization structure.
  8. AAPS-NUS Student Chapter Executive Committee candidates can be nominated by the nominee him/herself or others.