1. Hybrid Advanced Manufacturing of Multifunctional Flexible Sensors & System Integration
  • Exploration of macroscale flexible sensors realized by laser micro/nano-processing, 2D/3D printing, pattern transfer etc.;
  • Exploration of human-machine interfaced flexible sensors for real-time monitoring of, such as temperature, strain, pressure, flow, humidity, gas or optoelectronic signals;
  • Improvement of multi-functional flexible sensors’ performance based on finite element methods (FEM);
  • Exploration of integratable flexible sensor systems, i.e. sensor array or multimodal sensor systems.
2. Intelligent Laser Micro/Nano-Processing of Micro/Nano-Structures and Their Versatile Applications
  • Development of functional micro/nano-structures on semiconductor, metal, polymer based substrates using multiple pulsed lasers’ ablation or annealing with air or solution as the processing media;
  • Development of plasmonic micro/nano-structures based on several novel lithography methods, such as laser interference lithography (LIL), interference lithography (LIL), micro lens array lithography (MLA) etc.;
  • Exploration of laser-matter interactions;
  • Exploration of the potential applications in such as flexible electronics, novel plasmonic sensing, surface wetting, light trapping, or green energy etc.